Saturday, April 26, 2014

A to Z Flashback: 2013 -- How To Be...

All the background here is the same as it was in my last flashback post so, rather than go through all of that again, just click the link to check it out.

Which brings us to last year's theme: How To Be...
You can go back and read the intro post, or you can go off of this summation: With the Internet, we can be whatever we want to be. Or, at least, we can find out how to be whatever we want to be. Or, more specifically, as a writer, I can find out how any of my characters can be whatever I want them to be, and I never have to leave my house to find those things out. Pretty amazing, don't you think.
And, yeah, I'm pretty sure last year's theme was my wife's idea, too, although I didn't seem to mention that in the intro post. Oh, well, I'm sure it's there somewhere.

So here's the A to Z of "How To Be..."! Remember, you can still leave comments. The posts won't bite. Probably. Okay, well, one of them might smash you, but, other than that, you're probably safe.

How To Be...
an Archaeologist
a Brain Surgeon
a master Chef
a Demolition Expert
an Electrical Engineer
a Fighter Pilot
a Genetic Engineer
a Human Cannonball
an Incredible Hulk
a Juggler (this post contains a juggling lesson from our very own A-to-Z founder, Arlee Bird)
a Knight
a Lumberjack
a superModel
a Ninja (the favorite post of Alex Cavanaugh)
an Ornithologist
a Paleontologist
Q (you just have to read this one to understand)
a Race Car Driver
a Super Spy (this is the one that explains how the "How To Be" idea came about)
a Translator
an Umpire
a Ventriloquist
a Werewolf (my number one most viewed post of all time... by a lot)
an X-ray Technician
a Yodeler
a Zen Master

After the series was over, I summed it up with a post about what the series had really been about:
How To Be... a Writer

Based on the popularity of the werewolf piece, I followed it up about six months later with
How To Be... a Vampire
Surprisingly, that post has not really proven to be all that popular. The werewolf post continues to get dozens of views each week. Sometimes, the Internet is weird.


  1. Interesting !

    How to be a good blogger ?

    How cool is that ?
    Cheers Andrew :)

  2. I keep giving my characters jobs I know nothing about so these 'how to be' posts are brilliant. Gp, policeman and gardener are ones I'm currently looking for.. Strangely enough, I don't have many werewolves in my novels.

  3. I always wanted to be a juggling, yodeler. But I ended up being a vampire instead. Bad career choice...

  4. If I had more time this month, I would totally go check these out... You did a great series this year, so I'm sure last year's were equally awesome. In any case, great stuff!

  5. Great list. Sinlaw taught me how to juggle years ago, I wasn't very good at it. No desire to be a werewolf. I will come back and check it out although I must have read them last year.

  6. I love this! I have a series of posts on my blog called "Writing About" in which I tackle many different topics and character types to sort of teach writers how to write about certain events like war, places like the hospital, or characters like angels. I have a blast doing it too. :) I do have a vampire post planned for later this year so I'll have to tell you how that one goes.

  7. I love that theme. What a great idea. Sorry I missed it, but I'll go back and read some now. I am curious how one goes about being a werewolf...

  8. I love your series from this year, so I'm definitely going to check out last year's!!

  9. I love your series from this year, so I'm definitely going to check out last year's!!

  10. I love your series from this year, so I'm definitely going to check out last year's!!

  11. I love your series from this year, so I'm definitely going to check out last year's!!

  12. I love your series from this year, so I'm definitely going to check out last year's!!

  13. I loved your theme last year. That was when I first discovered your blog. Your wife picks good themes.

  14. Rajiv: I have actually talked about that before, and it's a topic that gets talked about a lot.

    lynnelives: Well, if you ever want to use werewolves, you know where to go.

    Anne: As long as you don't have to go out in the day? And, you know, being a vampire would give you a lot of years to work on those miniatures.

    Alex H: I'm glad you like it. I think you would more appreciate the 2012 series.

    Jo: I'm pretty sure I have comments on those posts from you from last year.

    Chrys: I'll keep an eye out for it. I did a vampire series last Halloween, which is where the "How To Be a Vampire" post came in.

    Stephanie: Just be careful about the kind of ground water you're drinking.

    randi: I hope you like it!

    TAS: She does. And, yet, she is always worried about not ever having anymore good ideas.

  15. Your wife did a good job on last year's selection. I recall those being some of my favorite posts of the 2013 A-Z challenge. I did go back and reread the Hulk post, just to see if it were updated with some new tips, but, unfortunately, it was still last year's news.

  16. Rusty: Oh, no... no updating. But if I find out anything new about how to obtain Hulk status, I'll be sure to let you know.

  17. Ahh! And after I've taken my Ambien, too..I want to read all of these! And when I scrolled all the way down I see that I missed The Winter Soldier review! Okay, I'm getting to work now, LOL...

  18. A LOT of times, the Internet is weird :)

    Great series, though!

  19. RG: How could you miss The Winter Soldier?!

    Mark: So weird...