Shadow Spinner

Tiberius is, other than his name, a fairly normal 10-year-old boy with a fairly abnormal fear of shadows. But not all shadows, just certain shadows. At least, that's what Tib thinks. If he was allowed to spend time with his “friends” other than at school, where he's a bit of an outcast, he might realize just how different he is. But to say that his mother is overprotective is an understatement. School is the only place he's ever allowed to go.

With the approach of his birthday, his mother reveals some strange things about his father, whom she has never spoken about, and Tib has to wonder if she's even sane. Needless to say, his whole world is about to change...

The complete (physical) book is available here! Only $9.99!

Part 0:
“The Evil That Men Do” is not, technically speaking, a story about Tib. Except that it is. It serves as a prologue, of sorts, or as background material. Take your pick. Although the Tib stories are appropriate for children, “The Evil That Men Do” is meant for adults.

It's available for the Kindle for just $0.99! You can buy it here.

Shadow Spinner
Parts One through Five are available in one collected volume!
You can find it on Amazon right here for the low, low price of $1.99!
Contains a special bonus story based on the world of The House on the Corner by Bryan Pedas, author of Demetri and the Banana Flavored Rocketship.

Parts Six through Twelve are available in "Collection 2"!
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Collection 2 contains a special vampire bonus story by Briane Pagel, author of Eclipse and Temporary Anne.

Parts Thirteen through Twenty-one are available in "Collection 3"!
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Collection 3 contains a special werewolf bonus story by Rusty Carl, author of "My Killbot Buddy" and "A Dead God's Wrath."

"Collection 4" coming soon!