Sunday, April 13, 2014

A to Z Flashback: 2012 -- Fiction to Reality

This year, 2014, is my third "A to Z," which would make 2012 my first one. There are a lot of you around these days that weren't around back then, so I thought -- Okay, actually, my wife thought. She said to me, "Since everyone seems to really like your theme this year (which, again, was her idea),you should do a post highlighting your previous A to Z themes." Which, um, were also her ideas. Yeah, she throws ideas at me all the time; some of them stick. -- I would drop an extra (Sunday) post in case any of you are interested in seeing what I've done before. So start at the beginning, right?

Well, not that beginning... that's too far back. Just the beginning of my participation in "A to Z," which was this:
See, there's a link there, so you can go read the intro post if you want to. And here's a list of the topics I covered of things that started out as fiction, started out in some author's mind, made its way onto some paper, worked its way into some reader's mind where it poked and nudged until that person made that thing, that thing that was just made up by someone, into something that is real, something that works, and, often, something that has changed the world. There're all linked, so, if you see one you think you want to know about, you can just go directly to that one without having to wade through all 26. But, you know, if you want to wade through, or swim in, all 26, feel free to do that, too. Oh, and don't be shy about commenting on any of the old posts if you feel so lead. It's not like commenting expires or anything.

C -- Cyborgs
E -- Exo-suits
K -- Klingon
L -- Lasers
O -- Opton
P -- Platforms
W -- Wonka

NOTE: I did eventually read Snow Crash, prompted by how often it came up while doing research for this series, and I would never recommend it to anyone. You can read my review here.


  1. I'm quite curious about this past series of yours, Andrew! I think I'm going to have to read some of these posts because, I'm sure, I'll certainly learn something new!

  2. Here's another abandoned place for you:

  3. I'm loving these posts so just shows how important science fiction really is. :)

  4. randi: There was a lot of surprising stuff.

    Pat: Cool article but mostly cool in relation the drone usage.

    RG: They do. And it is!

  5. Guess I read them all at the time, maybe I will go back and have another look later. It's always been a pet theory of mine that novelists get the ideas and scientists carry them out.

  6. Looks like a cool old theme! I remember when the Every Flavor beans actually came to the market... I never tried them. I could only think "Why?" ...especially since all of the ones highlighted in the movies were disgusting flavors. :P

  7. Jo: I don't remember seeing any comments from you when I was looking back over them, so I think it was before your time. Or, maybe, you came in during that series?

    Alex H: See, we tried them because of the disgusting flavors. The horseradish bean was the very first thing I ever ran to the bathroom to spit out. After that, I refused to try the puke one. My oldest son, though, loved the ear wax ones.

  8. Another very cool theme - that clever wife of yours...

  9. Good time to link back to these posts.

    I will never forget your Snow Crash review unless I get some kind of memory debilitating dysfunction.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  10. TAS: She is clever.

    Lee: It was pretty awesome, wasn't it? My wife said it made reading the book worth it just to get to read my review after.