Monday, October 1, 2012

Remembering Miniatures

I haven't talked about the fact that I paint in a while. Mostly, it's because I haven't done any painting in a longer while. Since I got serious with the whole writing thing back in 2010, I pretty much set the brush aside. I just haven't had the time for it. Not to mention the fact that all of my painting stuff is still packed up since we moved last year, and I haven't worked out yet where to set any of it up.

But I've really been wanting to paint, lately. And do some gaming. Tabletop gaming. Oh, yeah, before you get all confused, I don't do canvas painting; I paint miniatures. I used to also do tabletop wargaming with them, but it's been even longer since I've done that. Like 20 years. Not that I haven't done tiny bits of tabletopping in there, but I haven't done anything serious in 20 years. It's one of the things I miss doing, but there's just not time or space for it, right now.

But I digress...

All I really want to do today is show you some pictures of some of my old figures from when I played Warhammer Fantasy Battle. My main army was Wood Elves.
This is not an army. This is a unit of rangers.
All of the shields are individually painted. No decals.
One of the reasons I loved Wood Elves is that the Wood Elf army gets Treemen.
Who wouldn't want one of those on your side?
They also got beast masters, which were pretty cool, too.
But the main thing about the Wood Elf army that I loved was the Wardancers.
They didn't wear armor, because they had magic tattoos. Yeah, my guy doesn't have any tattoos (long story that has nothing to do with the miniatures -- maybe one day I'll explain), but he's still cool.
Here is the commander of the ranger unit:
And the sorceress:
And the musician:

Anyway... that's just a look. I have some more stuff coming up about miniatures and painting, so I thought I'd let you guys see what I'll be talking about before I talk about it.


  1. Very cool! Do you follow The Angry Lurker? His site is all about tabletop gaming and miniatures.
    I still have a couple figures from my D&D days. We used them just for visual placement. Never even got around to painting them!

  2. I used to make airplane models and I remember how annoying all that painting was. One little drop in the wrong place and it's all ruined! That's why I'd rather buy stuff that's already painted.

  3. I was expecting this to lead to some kind of deep writing metaphor. =)

    Love the figures, especially the leader of the ranger unit. That looks like something I'd have on my desk next to my Aragorn action figure.

  4. Nice figures here and I really like the bear. Great brushwork as well. I can feel the need to paint bubbling up in your veins!

  5. I got into miniatures for a little while when I was younger. Couldn't afford all the stuff that comes with it, but these are pretty sweet. :)

  6. I never got into miniatures, but they're kinda cool. That guy in Ronin makes them a little cooler, too.

  7. Nice. Great way to find a creative outlet that isn't writing too. I'm blogging about that tomorrow.

  8. Alex: We actually didn't use minis for RPGs. heh
    I've been over to his site before, but I don't follow him. I'll have to check it again.

    PT: Models will enter my story.

    M.J.: I wish I had room for some minis on or next to my desk.

    Anne: It is! argh!

    David: They are pretty expensive. Especially now, but I have so much stored up from when I was younger, I probably never need to buy any figures again.

    neal: Um... I have no idea what you're referring to there.

    L.G.: Painting was actually my first creative outlet. More coming on that.

  9. Well, then, you need to see the movie Ronin. It's a pretty fun flick.

  10. OMG you made me squeee just now. I love these, Andrew. I want to play D&D now!

  11. Yep. DeNiro. It's not quite "Heat," but it's about ten times better than "The Transporter."

  12. I always thought miniatures were pretty cool. I never tried, but if how I ruined so many model cars when I was kid is an indicator, then it's be a real bad idea for me to try.

    Good stuff.

  13. Michael: Well, I'm glad to know that. I wouldn't mind a good game of D&D myself. Without any live trolls, though.

    neal: Um, okay... I'm unclear as to the connection to miniatures, but I suppose I need to see it to understand that.

    Rusty: Well, I did start with models... more on that soon.

    FGJ: Thanks!