Friday, October 26, 2012

(Not) My Pet Blog

Today, I'm over at M. J. Field's My Pet Blog, which is her pet blog, not mine. We're discussing cereal. Um, I mean serial. But not like serial killers or anything. Book serials. Which can be about serial killers but not at all what I'm talking about. Okay, never mind... Just hop over to her blog and watch out for the milk.

Yeah, be quiet. It's 6:00 a.m., and I'm not really awake up. Just go over and read the stuff I wrote at a more reasonable time of day.
Besides, there are Jedi Knights over there doing lightsaber tricks or something.


  1. You are the serial expert. I shall check out your post straight away.

  2. I stopped by and left a comment. One more night of playing out and I'll be back to blogging again. I've missed reading everyone these past two weeks.

    Have a good weekend Andrew!

  3. Alex: Yep, I saw that you had when I was getting the link.

    Michael: Maybe, but that's not saying much at the moment.

    Anne: Well, I hope the playing has been fun, though! You have a great weekend, too.

  4. Stopped over and read your guest post, nice piece of info! Have a great weekend.

  5. G_G: Thanks! You, too!

    Jess: I know!

  6. Just read your post. Interesting topic!

  7. TGE: It is. I'm sure there will be from me as I learn more about it.

  8. am loving your blog
    eclectic as it is!
    greetings from welsh wales ( yes the one in the UK)

  9. John: I'm glad to hear it!
    Thanks for stopping in!