Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Star Wars Bonus Haiku Post

Over at Briane Pagel's blog The Best of Everything, he's been running this big Star Wars blogathon. It's a 100-day long thing, and we're not halfway through it, yet, so there's still time to get in on the trivia fun! The best is that you don't actually have to know anything about Star Wars to win prizes; all you have to do is comment. He gives away books every week, which is a pretty cool thing. Also, mention that I sent you, and he'll spot you 50 points for the contest!

Along with the trivia contest, he has these bi-weekly writing contests. My son won the first one, and you should all go read his story. Look, I'll be all helpful and provide the link! Now, you don't have any excuse at all. Anyway... this bi-week's (yes, I just made that up) contest is to write a Star Wars themed haiku. You still have time to enter, and you can find the rules here. I've never been a fan of haiku's, but I'm not gonna let that stop me.

Life without magic
but in the dark one movie
brought the Force to life

On another note, I just have to mention this:

As some of you know, I've been reading my book, The House on the Corner (and there's a whole tab up top for that, so I'm not leaving a link. Just go click the tab!), in several classes at my kids' school. On Friday, I was reading in my younger son's class, and I got up to the... well, I don't really want to give out spoilers, but I'm just gonna say it... battle with the troll. They loved that, of course, but what I found out when I went to pick up my kids from school is that, according to my son, the other kids in his class went around acting out the battle all day long. I don't think there's anything more than that a writer can ask for. And these are middle schoolers, mind you; even I'd quit running around playing Star Wars (or anything else like that) by the time I was in middle school, so I found it pretty impressive.

And my last word is this:
Everyone have a wonderful Easter!


  1. That sounds like a writer's dream! Lucky you :)

    I still act out Star Wars scenes. Hmm... maybe I should stop doing that :)

  2. Haha loved the short story, cool Haiku and what do you mean you gave up that stuff? I'm nearly through with high school and I STILL run around reenacting epic scenes from books and movies... Then again, I'm not exactly considered normal... :3

  3. Agreed that having kids act out scenes from your book is pretty cool.

  4. That's high praise indeed from those kids.

  5. As kids, we used to act out scenes from books, too. But the only books we had access to were manuals on installing the garbage disposal that my dad left laying around the basement.

    I got to be Safety Warnings!

    That's really great about those kids -- and I'm posting up your haiku today.

  6. That's a writing triumph if ever I've heard one. Good show!

    A-Z @ Elizabeth Twist

  7. Okay, well, maybe I should have phrased that whole thing about acting things out a bit differently. The truth is, I was never really into that stuff as I did it all in my head. I did play Star Wars and Battle of the Planets with my friends when I was a kid, but that really went away by the time we were in middle school. On my own, I never did that stuff, even with my toys.

    I've been told I was defective in that area.

    Cassie: It was pretty cool to hear that from my son. And totally unexpected.

    Bonnee: As in my disclaimer, I suppose it was just that all of us gave it up? I think I really just spent too much time reading by the time I was in middle school to even think about it?

    Rusty: Yeah, my son was showing me the stuff they were doing. It was cool!

    Sarah P: It was!

    Briane: LOL Safety Warnings! That's awesome!
    Can I be the bit where it tells you to read all of the instructions before starting?

    Elizabeth: Thank you! It was!