Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Road to Fiction (an IWM post)

I was asked an interesting question recently. I like interesting questions; they make you think. Well, they make me think. I don't actually know about you. I don't actually even know if you do think, because so many people don't, though I like to think that if you're reading this blog then you're a thinker, so we'll just go with that.


The question was, "How do you write fiction?" Let me clarify that. I get the question, "How do you write?" a lot, but I've never had the question, "How do you write fiction?" Her contention was that writing non-fiction is easy; it just requires a bit of research and putting it together in a way that's easy for the reader to take in. But she didn't know how to go about writing fiction.

* * *

I'm sure at least some of you have guessed that you need to hop over to Indie Writers Monthly to find out where "The Road to Fiction" leads.


  1. Such a tease. Clicking the link! :)

  2. Guess I'll go over and finish reading, eh?

  3. David: I know; I'm so bad!

    Crystal: I hope so!

  4. Actually, I think good non-fiction writers - the ones who are able to engage with general interest readers - take a lot of their cues from fiction.

  5. TAS: Yeah, for certain types of non-fiction, it's essential.