Monday, June 2, 2014

June Bugs!

The new issue of Indie Writers Monthly is out! It's Volume 1, Issue 4 even if it says Issue 3. That was just a goof that I'm sure will be fixed at some point. At any rate, it looks like this
and, right now, it's FREE! So you should totally go pick yourself up a copy. It's full of all kinds of goodness. For one thing, there's an interview with me, but there's also this story I wrote that you can only find in its pages, and you don't want to miss that! Well, and there's stories from some other people, too, but there's a story by me! So go now and get your copy while it's FREE! Wait, did I mention it's FREE!? Because it totally is.


You need even more convincing? Fine! Here's the first little bit of

The Day the Junebugs Came

Charlie knew that summer had come the day the Junebugs arrived. It didn't matter to him that his mother told him that that wasn't necessarily true. It didn't matter to him that his father told him that it wasn't true. And it even didn't matter to him that his teachers told him that summer always started on the longest day of the year.
Usually, some time in May, the Junebugs would start arriving in little groups. He didn't know where they came from or why, just that they would start showing up. He'd go out in the morning on the way to school and there would be two or three hanging on the screen of the screen door and three or four hanging on the screen of the front window and five or six hanging on the screen of the screened in part of the front porch. For a few days, there would be a few more everyday. Then, one day, he would open the door, the hard door, and he wouldn't be able to see through the screen of the screen door because it would be entirely covered with the little honey-colored scarab beetles. He knew, too, that they would be coating all the screens – like beaded curtains – but not just the screens; there would also be a layer of them across the porch itself and even some hanging from the ceiling.

That day each year was the day summer arrived.

Go get yours NOW! Just follow the link.


  1. OK I paid down my hard earned money, Oh no, it was FREE, silly me.

    The snippet about the June bugs got me, I have never seen as many as you describe. Just one or two here and there.

  2. Jo: There were times they were like that when I was a kid. You couldn't walk outside without stepping on them.

  3. Thanks for the book, Andrew. I, too, liked the snippet, especially the line, "coating the screen like a beaded curtain".
    Tina @ Life is Good
    On the Open Road! @ Join us for the 4th Annual Post-Challenge Road Trip!

  4. Tina: I hope you enjoy the rest.
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