Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Clone Wars -- "An Old Friend" (Ep. 6.5)

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Padme has proven to be a very difficult character for the writers of the Clone Wars series. Obviously, she's a character they felt obliged to include, but she doesn't have a place in the action of most of the series, so most of her appearances, like this one, have shoehorned her into stories where she didn't belong. That doesn't mean that some of those stories haven't been good, anyway, but my reaction always tends to be, "What? Why is Padme doing this? She's a senator!" But in this arc she's acting in the position of some kind of bank investigator. I mean, doesn't the Republic have people for this?

It would have been much more interesting if there had been some kind of ongoing political story line that involved her and her role as a senator. That would have made sense.

None of that is to see that this is not going to be a good and/or interesting arc, but I'm still having issues with Padme in a heist plot where she's the one breaking into the bank vault. Sort of.

All of that and the return of Clovis, Padme's ex who betrayed her and with whom Anakin has... issues. As we know, Anakin doesn't handle jealousy well. As my wife said, "Man, he's a real dick." Seriously, Anakin is the jealous boyfriend/husband no one wants to have.

Also, those banking clan dudes are just freaky looking.


  1. I like the Padme character and I agree that she doesn't fit well in a show for kids. The romantic and political threads of the series are better suited to the older crowd. She is Luke and Leia's mom so it is nice to be reminded that they got some of their badass DNA from her side of the family. But yes, her adventure tales are rather contrived.

    I went easy on Clovis this week. I will lay into him more next time. This arc has some nice moments but it's a steep come down from the last two.

    1. TAS: I don't think that it's not that she doesn't inherently fit; I think it's just the writers didn't write stories that gave her a place. She would have been great in an ongoing political story that they gave a few minutes to every episode, but I'm sure that writing politics is a much more difficult thing.