Friday, March 18, 2016

Rebels: "Fighter Flight" (Ep. 1.3)

"You did all this for fruit?"

The title of the episode is possibly the most amusing thing about it. Well, that gives the wrong impression, I suppose, if you don't find the title amusing or if it leads you to believe that the episode isn't amusing. It is, albeit a bit silly. The episode, not the title. But, then, I'm really beginning to believe that the target audience for this series is the 7-10 age group. Or somewhere around there.

Ezra and Zeb don't get along. They don't get along in much the way that siblings don't get along. They probably like each other but bicker and fight all the time, both of them continually claiming anything that happens was the other one's fault. My problem with this dynamic is Zeb. While Ezra is just a kid and his behavior may be appropriate, Zeb is supposed to be some kind of honor guard or something for his (nearly extinct) people. But, you know, whatever. Maybe Zeb is actually very representative of his race's behavior.

At any rate, the scuffle at the beginning of "Fighter Flight" gets Zeb and Ezra kicked off the ship to run an impossible errand, to retrieve some sort of fruit for Hera that doesn't grow on the planet they're on. Not that they know that. But they manage to find it anyway... in the hands of the Empire. Of course.

Hi-jinks ensue.

Hi-jinks which include stealing a TIE fighter.

I think TIE fighters must be set up to be the easiest things in the galaxy to fly because, really, Zeb figures it out pretty quickly, and he's not really a pilot. What I'm saying is that, all things considered, it seems that anyone can steal a TIE fighter and fly away in it.

Anyway... It's an amusing episode, but there's not much to it other than that it's amusing. It lacks the kind of philosophical tone that nearly every episode of Clone Wars had. Still, I'm not that far into the series, so I'm not making any final judgements yet.


  1. I wonder if I could figure out how to fly a TIE fighter? Probably not.