Monday, March 28, 2016

Do You Have Something To Say? (Change: part 8)

So far each of these posts have dealt with changes that happened in 2015, but this one is dealing with a current change. Some of you might have noticed? Probably not, though, which is why this change is happening.

Let's revisit the topic of blogging. Or, more specifically, commenting.

Since I started my blog way back in... wow! That was five years ago! Suddenly, I don't know how I feel about that...

When I started my blog, it was with a dedication to being interactive and all that goes with it, but that was mostly because the rhetoric around blogging (still) says that that's how you grow your followers and your audience and all of that. And it might be true for when you're first starting out with absolutely zero followers; I don't know. Part of that, the being interactive, at least for me, has included always responding to comments. I've sort of taken some pride in that...


See, the thing is, most people, as in almost all people, who comment never come back to see if the blogger responded. Which is fine... except when people comment with a question or a lead into a discussion but never check back about the answer to the question. That's like when one of my kids (especially my daughter) asks me a question and, while I'm answering it, will start talking about some other subject entirely, usually to some other person. Annoying, to say the least.

What it really all boils down to is a matter of focus. If I want my focus to be my blog, spending lots of time on comments and commenting totally makes sense, but I am not my blog, and that's not supposed to be my focus. The blog is only here to support the writing, and responding to all comments, even if it doesn't take a huge amount of time on an individual basis, is not really profitable. Time-wise, that is. I mean, it doesn't make sense to respond when that response is never going to be seen.

So, from now on, my responses will be... well, let's say "at my discretion." If the comment is interesting or there's a question that I feel is worth answering for its own sake, or if I just feel like it, I'll respond. And I get that that might seem... uncouth to some people, but most people don't comment at all, so it's not going to affect them one way or the other.

It's all about finding what works and finding what works best.
And not doing the same thing over and over again if that thing isn't working.
Change can be good...

All of that to say, "Don't be offended if I don't respond to your comment. It's not you; it's me."


  1. That's why my responses on my own blog are short. I know most don't have time to check back. And that's fine.

  2. I never checked back and then set the "notify me" button, but it goes to a different box, so I never notice it.

  3. I'll be honest - when I reply to comments on my blog, it's mostly for my own amusement. An exercise in wit, I guess. I don't expect even half of the people that comment to come back and read replies, but for me it's a fun way to stay mentally sharp.

    (That story's coming soon. Had a bunch of family stuff this weekend, but I think you'll enjoy the hell out of what I'm going to send you)

    1. ABftS: Sometimes, I do that.
      And, sometimes, I read through your comments for just that reason.

  4. I used to reply through the comments, but since people never checked back I stopped doing it. I don't blame them for it. I like to converse with my blog visitors too, but I really don't have the time to check back on all the comments I make to see if there's a reply, so I can't expect them to either. It's why I reply via email if I can. Conversations are much easier there.

  5. I respond to comments as often as I can. Sometimes followers come back to read all the comments. My replies are often funnier than the blog post. I try to return to see comments, but I don't always manage it.


  6. My own blog has evolved through the comments section. For me, it's worth the time.

    1. TAS: Your blog has become a good place for conversing. I think mine used to be more like that, but it's faded away.

  7. I get this. While I usually respond to my comments and I almost always follow a thread where I've commented to see if that blogger responds, I have arrived at the expectation that no one listens to what I'm saying after they've left a comment. I respond just in case for those who are following along in in the cases where a conversation arises then it's pretty cool. I've felt that sometimes some of my best work is in the responses that no one sees so like The Beer Boys my responses are for my own entertainment or maybe some other personal purpose.

    Usually I don't respond back to a response left to my comment on another blog unless it seems to be an opening for a conversation or in some cases to clarify what I originally said.

    Actually, I will use my responses as well as comments left in later blog posts. Copy and paste and then add some more thoughts and, voila, I have a post with little effort involved.

    Like you, I might alter my approach to this, but for now I'm still happy with my methodology. If nothing else I might end up with quotes to help promote my post on Twitter. That's another thing I to frequently.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
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