Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Clone Wars -- "Lethal Trackdown" (Ep. 2.22)

-- Revenge is a confession of pain.

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This episode marks the end of the young Boba Fett story arc and the end of season two. It's an interesting to end the season (with no cliffhanger).

Also: The return of Hondo!
In a good way.

Aurra Sing and crew took hostages during the previous episode and use those hostages to entice Mace to come after them and face Boba Fett in combat. Boba does want his revenge.

But Mace is too injured to go because of the events last episode, so Plo Koon goes instead and takes Ahsoka with him.

The interesting bits:
There's a conversation between Anakin and Mace about revenge, because Anakin thinks Mace should go after Boba because of the attempted assassination and all the troopers the bounty hunters killed. Mace has already let it all go and says doing that, going after Boba, would lower him to Boba's level. Anakin... well, Anakin doesn't agree. Mace only "agrees" to go after Boba because of the hostages they took.

Plo gives Ahsoka a lesson on subtlety, something she hasn't learned from Anakin. She's not really very good at it.

Honda is Aurra's ex! I hod completely forgotten about that, so that was a cool re-discovery.

It's a good story arc, and it provides interesting background material for Boba Fett. And it raises some questions, none of which I'm going to say, because there would be spoilers. I will say that one of them has to do with the Slave 1, though. I can't remember if any of the questions get answered, because I can't remember if young Boba returns to the series or not. I suspect that he does from the ending of the episode, but I can't remember it. It makes it like watching the series for the first time all over again.


  1. Yes, the story ends well. I'm also beginning to see how quite a lot of the series's more interesting stories link back to Fett: Hondo, Mandalore, any story about the clones, etc.

    According to Wookieepedia, Boba will be back in Season Four.

    1. TAS: That's true, the clones do all link back to Fett, but, really to Jango. I hadn't thought of it that way.

    2. Right but let's be honest, the character of Jango only exists because of the extraordinary popularity of Boba. At any rate, the expansion of the Boba Fett story is certainly a natural path for the series.

    3. TAS: Well, yeah, that's true.
      I really wish they would get on the solo Boba movie. :/

  2. All right so I'm admitting I'm never going to get caught up. Your recaps make me want to see it but with the reading I'm trying to do, and the fact that "The Flash" and "The Magicians" have me hooked, I won't get to this anytime soon.

    1. Briane: Although I like Flash better than when it started, I don't think it's all that great. It's a -bad- adaptation. Clone Wars is much better than it, on the whole.

  3. Alright here I am and I am confuse as who is who.
    But I did like the sort of arc ending.
    I have to "think" what Star Wars I am in. I see that both Anakin and Boba have a parent killed and are out for revenge That rules their life.

    cheers, parsnip