Saturday, December 14, 2013

THe GaL iN THe BLue MaSK

Today, I am guest posting over at THe GaL iN THe BLue MaSK. Drop by and check it out.
No, seriously, go do that.
Every Saturday, she has a guest author talking about writing, so you may want to follow her, too, just to see who shows up.


  1. Good advice in that post! Quick question~ I went to buy The House on the Corner on Amazon and it listed the title as "First Person Edition" Is there another version (third person or something?) as well? Just checking before I buy that version...

  2. That's the one to get. There will be a "Third Person Edition" at some point, but that will be after Brother's Keeper.

  3. Thanks~ my mom recently got me a Kindle and THOTC is now on it :)

  4. Briane: You did! And so did I!

    Jess: Awesome! Thanks! Make sure you let me know how you like it.