Sunday, December 8, 2013

Independent Day

Those of you that have been around here for any length of time will know that I don't promote books I haven't actually read. Ever. I don't do cover reveals or blog tours or any of that stuff, because I'm not going to back a book that I wouldn't actually recommend to someone to read. It's just not the way I work.

However, I do want to support other independent authors as much as possible. That's why I do reviews, and that's why I'm including stories by other writers in my books. And that's why, today, in the Spirit of Christmas (or something like that), I'm going to highlight some indie work that's come out in the past year or so. Many of these books are on my list of things to read (but I've been really behind on reading, lately, so I haven't gotten to them) and will get reviewed at some point. Others are books I know of, but I haven't made the decision to actually read, yet. They are all, however, independently published by people whose blogs I follow.

So, while I'm not actually recommending them in the sense of, "Hey! I read this and it was great," I am saying, "Give some indies some love and check these out." And, really, they are in no particular order.

1. White Walls by Australian author Hayley M Clearihan

2. Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc. by Pk Hrezo

3. CassaStorm by Alex Cavanaugh

4. Green Eggs & Weezie by Cathy Olliffe-Webster

5. A Hero's Journey and other things by PT Dilloway (seriously, he has so many books out, I can't list them all, but the Scarlet Knight stuff is from this year)

6. The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan

7. A Flock of Ill Omens (part 1 of her serialization of A Shot in the Light) by Hart Johnson

8. Moonless by Crystal Collier

And this one I have read and get to include because, well, it's my blog and it's good:
9. Shadow Spinner -- this link is for the physical book

So there you go. It's Christmas. Support an indie author! It's like shopping locally, which you all do, right?

Oh... and, after you read, leave a review!


  1. Thanks, Andrew! I'm not indie, but I appreciate it. Unless you are counting small presses as indie.

  2. Thanks for the plug! Yes, I have many, many books.

  3. Cool. I've read some of those. And yes - PT has a lot of stuff.

  4. Thanks for the list. I'm sure they all appreciate the promo!

  5. See, that's my whole attitude about book promotion. I figure readers are smart enough to figure out for themselves if they want to read something or not. But getting the word out about a book's availability is a small thing bloggers can do for each other.

    And, yes, a couple of those are on my reading list.

  6. You're right. Bloggers supporting each others work is a good way to advertise. It's free and people often find something they never would have before.

  7. I fully agree with you. I write review on children's book and many people mock me for sitting down and reading the book. I find the best way to write a review is if I know everything about the book. Sometimes just for my own sake, I even do some research about the author.

  8. I wish I read more and read faster so I could read more books. But I'm reading two not listed here right now. I've got one of yours in my Amazon Cloud still to read. So much to read and too little time.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  9. I do love this time of year. So many books, but the gift cards I get for Christmas only go so far.

  10. I really don't have any individual comments today. Mostly. So thanks for commenting, and I hope everyone finds good books to read.

    Lee: I'm reading, um, 4 books right now. Four that I'm significantly into, at any rate, so I know I how it is.

  11. Stopping by to tell you I shared these with my friends who have the readers! They also share a liking to the Indy writers. Thanks for the links!

  12. Thanks so much for including my book in this list! I really appreciate it :-)

  13. G_G: Thanks for sharing!

    Rachel: Sure :)

  14. I'm embarrassed to say I just saw this, Andrew! Thanks for the plug!!!!