Monday, December 4, 2017

Coco (a movie review post)

This turns out to be a difficult movie for me to review. Seriously, I've been contemplating the review for two days and still haven't figured out how exactly I want to approach this.

The easy thing to do is just to say that it's a great movie, because it is a great movie. In fact, since Toy Story 3 came out in 2010, Coco is one of only two great movies that Pixar has released, the other being Inside Out. The story is well-told and heartfelt. Heartfelt enough that it brought a tear to my eye. The aforementioned Toy Story 3 was the last movie to do that to me, as far as I remember.

As per Pixar, even in their less than good movies, the animation was fantastic. And fantastic in a way that we really haven't seen before: It was fabulously colorful. Like a sugar skull:
In fact, there's not anything I can point to that I would say would make the movie better. No improvements necessary.

And, yet...

And, yet, I am uncomfortable with the message, the message that family always comes first and is most important. More important than anything. I just... well... That's just not true.

I could get into examples of why that's not true, but it's probably not really necessary. Either you agree with the statement or you don't and nothing I say is going to matter one way or the other. Besides, any examples I could make could be entire posts, and I don't want to get into trying to summarize things in a way that is succinct. For instance, I could say:
When my grandmother died, my uncle, through unethical and possibly illegal methods, stole all of  the land my grandparent's had owned, leaving my mother and my aunt with virtually nothing.
But, then, you're going to want me to explain that, and I don't feel like getting into it. The short of it is that family shouldn't get any special passes just because they're family.

However, my disagreement with the message doesn't detract from the movie itself; the movie is great, and you should certainly go see it. At the theater even. It's really a movie which should be enjoyed on the big screen.


  1. Only God comes before family.
    While some families and family members might not be worthy, it's still a really good message considering how most people view family in this day and age.
    Thought it was a brilliant film. You're right, not too many great Pixar films in the past ten years.

    1. Alex: How do most people view family in this day and age? My experience is that most people have this same "family first no matter what" viewpoint.

  2. My roommate loved it, too. She said it reminded her so much of Mexico.

  3. Are you saying that Cars 3 was not a masterpiece? Because Larry the Cable Guy is really starting to come into his own as a legitimate thespian.

    1. ABftS: I liked Cars 3. It was certainly better than The Good Dinosaur. But...

  4. It is still a children's movie after all. When it comes to uncomfortable truths like that, no one ever wants to show them.