Thursday, December 7, 2017

Anyone Gotta Penny? (pictures I like)


  1. That's a quote from "The Princess Bride" right? My memory fails just a wee bit, but I think Andre the Giant kept saying that. Anyway, thought of you this morning when I saw Los Angeles was on fire. I know you live in northern California, but seeing Cali on fire again just reminded me of your descriptions of the red glow. My brother is flying down there to buy a car and got a message from the dealership that said they are still open, but they may have to use some creative ways to get to them. That didn't sound promising.

    1. Michael: Actually, the quote from Princess Bride is something like, "Anyone wanna peanut?" but it is what was in my mind when I titled the post.

      As for the fires, the one we had up here in October became the most destructive fire in CA history; however, one of the fires near LA, right now, might beat it for most destructive if they don't get it under control soon.

  2. He's trying to remember where he left his clothes.

  3. I'd imagine he's thinking deeper thoughts...