Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Clone Wars -- "Lightsaber Lost" (Ep. 2.11)

-- Easy isn't always simple.

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Sometimes I think there is too much emphasis on the importance of the lightsaber in Star Wars; after all, Darth Vader deflected blaster bolts with his hand. It seems to me that the lightsaber should fall as a distant second to the Force. But, then, Vader is extremely powerful and, maybe, the lightsaber is that important to your "average" Jedi. Certainly, "your lightsaber is your life" seems to be an everyday teaching of the Jedi, one even Anakin ascribed to.

So it comes as no surprise when Ahsoka is dismayed at the loss of her lightsaber to a pickpocket during what should have been a simple mission. It's also not surprising that she doesn't want Anakin to find out.

She enlists the aid of ancient Jedi Tera Sinube. I mean ancient in the way your great-grandfather is ancient and will suddenly just be asleep at odd moments but, yet, do things that will constantly amaze you. To say that he's slow moving is an understatement. The episode becomes an exercise in patience for Ahsoka.

Which, in the end, is the point.

Ahsoka is fairly frantic over the loss of her 'saber and her anxiety interferes with her ability to focus and concentrate. Tera's lesson to her is, basically, "Calm down. Take your time." It's a hard lesson for Ahsoka to learn and not one she's going to get from Anakin, the resident hothead of the Jedi, but she does seem to get it.

There's also a bit of intrigue.

It's a good, solid episode. A good one-shot for people who aren't closely following the series as it doesn't involve needing to know anything that isn't provided within the episode itself. And, hey, it's always fun to get to meet other Jedi.


  1. Sinube is great. His staff-saber is awesome, too.

    Perhaps the lightsaber emphasis is more an exercise in discipline and taking one's Jediness seriously. We have seen from Vader and Yoda, however, that a Jedi is hardly helpless without it.

    1. TAS: I wonder what the connection is to the force crystal. I'd like to know more about that.

    2. Force crystals! I had to look it up. You're going off-canon! Is the Kaiburr crystal a Force crystal? I know about that one from Splinter.

    3. TAS: No, the crystals are canon. Kylo Ren's lightsaber is messed up because he cracked his crystal. Or something. It's on the Star Wars website, I think?
      And, yes, the Kaiburr crystal is a force crystal.

    4. Perhaps we will learn more in Episode VIII.

    5. TAS: Personally, based on the director, I'm worried that Ep VIII is going to be Star Wars time travel.