Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Things People Make (a Fair post) and a Judgement

I'm a fairly crafty person. I mean that in that I enjoy craft-type activities, not that I'm all plotty and crafty like a fox or anything. And, yes, I know the phrase is "crazy like a fox," but it's the same kind of thing. Anyway, for a long time at my kids' school, I was kind of known as the crafty guy and, when working in their classes, teachers always wanted me to lead the craft projects. Now, I'm known as the writer guy and people have mostly forgotten about all of the craft project stuff. But, well, you can see that I gravitate toward artistic expression because of my "crafty" tab up at the top of the page there.

All of that to say that I enjoy seeing the kinds of things people build and make. Seeing where imagination can take someone. Actually, that's one of the reasons I really like getting these Imagination Room stories, like the one by Bryan Pedas, "Like An Axe Through Bone," that's at the end of "Shadow Spinner: Collection 1: Tiberius (Parts 1-5);" I like seeing the places I haven't thought of that can come from something I initially envisioned.

But I digress (even if you should go buy Collection 1 (and review it))... The Fair is always full of all kinds of cool things that people have made, so I thought I'd show off a few of the ones I like best from this year.
If you look behind the clock on the left, you will also see an impressive hand-carved dolphin sculpture.
And, now, for some cakes! There were actually more cakes than I felt like taking pictures of, but I did get pictures of the ones I think were most impressive.
The dragon only got 2nd place.
To this, which is awesome.
And, look even Max!

A few other cool things:

There were also tons of cool paintings, sketches, and photographs, but I didn't take pictures of that stuff.

Also, today: "Part Thirty: Called in Judgement"! Yes, the big 3-0, and it's FREE! today (Monday, September 2 and tomorrow (Tuesday, September 3)! And don't forget, "Shadow Spinner: Collection 1: Tiberius (Parts 1-5)" is also available for the low, low price of only $1.99!
Here's the complete list of today's FREE! offerings:
That's 15 of the 30 parts for FREE! this week, which is, actually, more than half of the available parts since the first five have been collected. We're getting close to the end! Don't miss out!


  1. Wow those cakes are fantastic, must have taken ages to make.

  2. Were those done by kids?
    Grinch mountain is really impressive. And no way I'd have the patience to put together something like that clock.

  3. It always staggers me the talent some people have. One craft I love to see is sand sculpture, that really fascinates me. Not crafty myself unfortunately.

  4. There's some serious talent on display here. I can paint, but could never do crafts and such.

  5. BOUGHT! I need to go back and read 29 and 30 and get going on transferring reviews, too. I haven't forgotten.

    Those pictures are incredible. I have a niece who can make cakes like that. She's 16. It's really an amazing skill, and one that many people don't rate highly enough.

    As for the other crafts, that clock looks incredible, TOO.

    Great pics.

  6. Love that skull. I used to be more crafty, but writing takes up all of my spare time now. It's the way I like expressing my creativity the most anymore.

  7. Suzanne: Yeah, they're pretty impressive. I've made a couple of designed cakes but nothing at that level.

    Alex: The blue dinosaur thing and, I think, the robot were made by kids.

    TAS: It's pretty awesome.

    Jo: I could never invest myself in sand sculpture. Like ice sculpture, the whole idea of it saddens me.

    Anne: You just need painting crafts!

    Briane: My mom used to make cakes but none like that. She probably could have, I suppose, but hers were always wedding cakes and such and they were always pretty standard tall white things.


    L.G.: I would like to have some time to do stuff like painting from time to time, but that would mean taking the time to make the time for it, and that's the part I balk at.

  8. That's some pretty cool stuff. I guess I'm not that crafty.

    Tossing It Out

  9. That fair had some excellent entries. Thanks for sharing pictures with us Andrew.

  10. I really like the mask, and the clock is amazing. And of course the cakes. I think the dragon is cooler than the Grinch one, though.

  11. Those are some amazing crafts. Mixing art with food is the height of our civilization. There is nowhere left for us to go from there.

  12. That's my kind of place! How awesome. I'm crafty too and would love to do an actual vending event. Someday....
    Amazing cakes!

  13. Sheena: It did. Wait till I get to the Lego. Well, if I can find the pics from previous years.

    Jeanne: I think the dragon one is cool, but the Grinch one was pretty amazing to look at, which may not be clearly reflected in the pic. The Whos are in a ring around the bottom of the cake doing their singing thing, and there's just tons of detail all over the thing.

    David: It is.

    Misha: I know!

    Rusty: Except for the part where you eat it.

    Pk: These were just on display. It's stuff that's entered into the various contests.

  14. That Grinch cake was u-MAZING! I love those types of events. OYT had four pieces in the district art show and I was amazed at the talent of the kids in our town. (I know this was not that type of event, but I thought I'd take the chance to brag on my kids some, since I did sorta throw him under the bus in today's post...well, not under, but near...
    Tina @ Life is Good

  15. Tina: That's cool. It's cool when there's a venue for kids to show off their art.