Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Monday That Will Be and the Monday That Is

The Monday That Will Be

As many of you know, I am not big on cover reveals or book debuts. As I've explained in probably more detail than anyone was actually interested in reading, this is due to the idea of promoting something that I have no actual experience with, and I don't want to be telling, or even suggesting, anyone to buy something that isn't actually a worthwhile product. On the other side of that, I don't actually ask people to promo my stuff before they've experienced it, either. I figure that's a fair trade.

However, I am participating in Briane Pagel's tour for his newest book, Temporary Anne.

I'm making an exception to my rule for two reasons:
1. I like almost everything Briane writes (sorry, the Stupid Pineapple failed to grab me (that's not me calling the Pineapple stupid; that's the name of the story)). I'd strongly suggest Eclipse; it will warp your mind as you try to figure out what's really happening. Or happened.
2. It's not really an exception as Briane sent me promo copy of Anne, which I'm reading right now so I should (assuming nothing catastrophic happens this week) have a review ready for my stop on the tour. That would be stop #2.

Here's the full tour list:

  1. life is good -- Friday, Sept. 13
  2. StrangePegs -- Monday, Sept. 16
  3. Laws of Gravity -- Wednesday, Sept. 18
  4. The Blutonian Death Egg -- Friday, Sept. 20
  5. Nigel G. Mitchell -- Monday, Sept. 23
  6. Jessica Bell -- Thursday, Sept. 26
  7. Sandra Ulbrich Almazan --Monday, Sept. 30
  8. Jess's Book Blog -- Thursday, Oct. 3
  9. Lara Schiffbauer's Motivation for Creation -- Monday, Oct. 7
  10. P. T. Dilloways' Blog -- Thursday, Oct. 10
At any rate, Briane is someone that gets overlooked a lot because of the length of his posts. He's the only guy around (that I know of) that consistently has longer posts than me (not including John Scalzi, who does, also, sometimes have longer posts than me, but, also, puts up tons of posts with almost no words a all). Briane is well worth reading. Although his posts are often rambling, they are generally full of all sorts of insight and frequently make me LOL. In fact, my wife has come to expect that if I am LOLing while blog reading that I am reading one of Briane's posts. She's probably correct about 99% of the time.

Briane's books, on the other hand, while frequently philosophical in nature (though not always), are not rambling. He tells good stories even if he does sometimes need an editor to help him with punctuation and stuff. He does not need an editor to help him with his stories. At all. And his books are all less than a buck which is almost nothing so they're well worth picking up. AND reading.

So, yeah, come back next week... just don't let Anne catch you.

The Monday That Is

Look! It's another Monday and another Shadow Spinner release! The end is near...
Here's the list of today's FREE! parts:
(NEW) "Part Thirty-one: The Serpent Strikes" (also FREE! tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 10)
"Part Thirty: Called in Judgement"
"Part Twenty-nine: Loss"
"Part Twenty-eight: The Shadow Place"
"Part Twenty-three: The Harlot"
"Part Twenty-two: The Undying"
"Part Twenty-one: The Chase"
"Part Twenty: The Sword of Fire"
"Part Sixteen: The Dark Tree"
"Part Fifteen: Food of the Garden"
"Part Fourteen: Anger and Laughter"
"Part Ten: The Broken Window"
"Part Nine: The Shadow of the Tree"
"Part Eight: The Cold and The Dark"
Well, that's only 14 FREE! parts this time, but I can only make available what Amazon allows me to make available. Remember, the first collection, "Shadow Spinner: Collection 1: Tiberius (Parts 1-5)" is available!
"Shadow Spinner: Collection 2: The Man with No Eyes (Parts 6-12)" will be coming soon.


  1. Congratulations, Briane!
    And I think you shortchanged your post today.
    Picked up the first collection when it came out. No, haven't read Bryan's story yet - still consumed by the madness that is book tour and launch preparations...

  2. Love Briane's stuff too. I typically only read about one post of his a week at his blog - but he honestly provides more content than I could realistically read. It's astonishing.

  3. I'm looking forward to checking it out. I've heard good things. Like, just right now I've heard good things. But I've loved Briane's writing over at his fiction blog and I'm stoked to check this out.

    the Stupid Pineapple failed to grab me

    In communist Russia, pineapple grab you!

  4. Also in the name of self interest you have a story in that book. As do me, Rusty, and Nigel Mitchell. Huzzah!

  5. I love Briane's writing as well, and his long rambling posts which yes, they make me laugh, usually spitting whatever I'm drinking on my keyboard. I've learned not to drink'n'read Briane. Just easier on the computer that way.
    I'm promoting this because I like his writing, but I probably will never read the book. I'm just not into horror. AT ALL. But that doesn't mean I won't help a friend out.
    I don't mind doing cover releases for books I don't know much about if I know the PERSON behind the book. I feel like I'm promoting a friend, not a product, and if I like a friend's writing, or style or what have you, I'm happy to help out. We all have our own "rules" about how to use our audience for others.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  6. Briane writes books that really make me think about bigger topics. I like that a lot.

  7. So that was like a promo for the promo.

    And I'm all for books that make people think deep thoughts. :)

  8. Alex: But have you read my story? :P

    Rusty: You need to make sure you're following his saga of building a closet from a spare bedroom.

    ABftS: This is why I stay away from Russia: the pineapples and that whole Die Hard thing.

    PT: Well, yeah, but I haven't gotten to those bits, yet, as I'm still reading Anne. I'll talk about the shorts next time.

    Tina: You should check out his book the After. I bet that's something you would like. No horror.

    Michael: Yeah, he does that. Except when the pineapples get in.

    L.G.: Well, no...? Just a promo for the tour. Unless you count the tour as a promo? Is that how that works?

  9. I feel like Tom Sawyer watching his own funeral. Did Tom Sawyer do that? Let's say he did.

    Thanks, Andrew. I wanted to mention that this time I'm pretty sure you will not find any significant editing errors. I have joined the Church of Editing, presided over by you, and even offered money to proofreaders who found errors. Only PT earned $5 so far.

    But that notwithstanding, I very much appreciate the nice words you and everyone else have put on here. I hope the blog tour lives up to my own expectations. As for the book, I know it will.

  10. Also: I posted my review of parts 1-5 on Goodread. Do you still want reviews of the chapters? Or save them up for segments?

    Also-er: "This Stupid Pineapple" dealt with weighty issues, like pineapples, and how stupid they can be. (I might have been too subtle.)

    You just reminded me: I never finished "A Fright Before Xmas." I don't know how anyone keeps up with a schedule, ever.

  11. Best of luck to Briane. I'm sure he appreciates you making an exception.

  12. Alright! I'm going to trust your judgement and check this out... It sucks, but long blog spots do get overlooked. Sometimes the most interesting ideas don't get circulated because of format.

    Thanks for the suggestion, my commute to work hopefully got a lot more interesting.

  13. Briane: Yes, Tom Sawyer did that. My son, having read Sawyer recently, loved that part.

    I wonder if I'd make any money by passing around the offering plate? Somehow I doubt it.

    What's a schedule?

    TAS: Well, yeah, but not really.

    Jean: Well,I haven't finished Anne, yet, but you should definitely check out Eclipse.

  14. I get it. I plug the Cannons' work in part because I know them but mostly because I think it's actually worth the trouble.

  15. TAS: I don't think I've seen you plug them as I don't know to whom you are referring.