Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Rebels: "Hera's Heroes" (Ep. 3.05)

-- "The empire is getting better at anticipating our moves."

This episode gives us a glimpse, or maybe a little more than a glimpse, into the workings of the mind of Grand Admiral Thrawn. And we get some more background on Hera in the mix.

See, Thrawn has gone to Ryloth because the guy, Slavin, who's in charge of the occupation there is, well, incompetent. Which has been working out very nicely for the rebels. But Thrawn shows up, and all of that changes. Not that the rebels know anything about Thrawn; they just think Slavin has suddenly become incredibly competent.

It's an interesting episode which includes a face-to-face run in between Hera (and Ezra) and Thrawn. It also forces Hera to make a decision between her heritage and her friends. I'm looking forward to seeing how this meeting between Hera and Thrawn will play out.

"You didn't think that through, did you?"

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