Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Clone Wars -- "Monster" (Ep. 3.13)

-- Evil is not born; it is taught.

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If you haven't watched season three, episode 12, yet, you should go do that before reading this review. While I didn't spoil that episode in the review for it, I will be spoiling it in this review.

The fallout from Dooku's failed attempt to kill Ventress continues.

After her failed revenge assassination attempt against him in the previous episode, an attempt made to look like the Jedi had done it, Dooku, ironically, goes to the Nightsisters for aid in finding a replacement for Ventress. Of course, not knowing that Ventress is still alive, he doesn't know that Ventress has already returned to Mother Talzin and that they have already formed a plot against him. He is, in effect, playing into their hands.

Darth Maul's origins are never explained or elaborated on in the movies, but we find out here that Maul was one of the Nightbrothers of Dathomir. Talzin convinces Dooku that he needs one of Maul's kin, one of his brothers, as his new assassin. Mother Talzin will provide just the right one.

And, so, we are introduced to Savage Opress, a literal one-man (um, alien) killing machine. And, still, Mother Talzin is the more scary of the two.


  1. I do like this story arc and Savage is an awesome character (though they could have put in more effort with his name). I would have appreciated more time with the Nightsisters themselves.

    1. TAS: The Nightsisters do appear again, but I don't remember there being too much more information about them. It would be cool to see them elaborated on more within the canon.

  2. Mother Talzin is a very interesting character.