Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"I spend my time thinking about you..."

How many years has it been? Three? Is this really the third year of the
I think it is.

Do you have bloggers you miss? People who have just faded away and quit posting? Or post so rarely, now, that it's hard to tell they're still here? Well, this is the time to let them know that you miss them. Officially, you should pick the top three whom you miss, but I'm not much of one for rules, even if I helped make them up. Just let us know the ones who are most important to you and, then, let them know.

Also, if there are any bloggers you would miss if the disappeared, let us know who they are, too.

Join your hosts, Andrew Leon (yeah, that's me), Alex Cavanaugh, and Matthew MacNish, and sign up today!


  1. I think we could list dozens and dozens. So many have faded this year.
    As Mark Koopmans would point out - dude, you just hyperlinked yourself.

  2. I would miss all those I follow I suppose. That would be quite a few.

  3. "I think I'll miss you most of all, scarecrow! Who knew that your mommy blog had a brain all along? You just never used it!"

  4. I may sign up at the last moment. Hard to pick only a few.

  5. Alex: I did! Because I've been told that that causes a time vortex that will eventually suck up the Internet and I want to see if it's true.

    Jo: I know how many a few is, but I've never contemplated "quite a few."

    ABftS: Oh, no, I traded my brain for fame and fortune years ago... hey! wait!

    dolorah: Write them all on a piece of paper and throw darts?

  6. Looking forward to the blogfest, Andrew. It will be fun to see some old friends.