Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Exploring Personality: Part Eight -- "Give me something to believe in." (an IWM post)

"...if you shake my hand, that's for life." -- Jerry Lewis

The Loyalist

Of all the types, the Six can be the hardest to categorize. That's because the Six is, in many ways, a walking contradiction. For instance, the Six is known as the Loyalist, but the Six is just as likely to be the anti-Loyalist. The problem with Sixes is that they have a fear of committing to anything, a fear which stems from a lack of confidence in themselves with being able to make a correct decision. What if they make the wrong choice?

* * *

But for you, right now, the correct choice is to click over to Indie Writers Monthly and find out how it is that it could be the Sixes who save the world. No, seriously. They plan ahead like that. No problem too small, no apocalypse too big.


  1. We know what happens when you get three sixes together...

  2. Sounds a lot like fence sitting. Now it has a number! :)

  3. Alex: A bunker apocalypse?

    David: I suppose that depends upon what type of fence-sitting you mean.

    Crystal: I have you trained well.

  4. Oh, dear. Which personality type is it that always thinks the one being described is about them? :P

  5. Interesting. Guess people are more complex than they appear.

  6. L.G.: Um... the Six...

    SuperLux: They both are and are not.