Monday, November 3, 2014

Exploring Personality: Part Seven -- "I'm watching you." (an IWM post)

"I'm watching you, Wazowski. Always watching." -- Monsters, Inc.

The Observer
Perhaps a better name for the Five would be "the Outsider," though the more politically correct term has come to be "the Investigator." However, of all the types, the Five is the one most likely to be hanging out on the fringes looking in. Or, perhaps, not even looking in, just involved in his own world. The Five, then, is almost the definition of "introvert," inferiority complex and all. It's the person we think of when we hear the word, even if that's not precisely correct.

Fives are ill-equipped emotionally to deal with the world...

So, if you want to know how they do deal with it, you'll have to -- you guessed it -- click the link and hop on over to Indie Writers Monthly to find out.
Do it now!


  1. My bro is a five with a six wing. It totally fits that he'd be socially awkward and emotionally ill-equipped. I still love him, though.

  2. Don't forget we're announcing the blogfest today...

  3. I thought you said you had a review of Fahrenheit up.

  4. Shockgrubz: It's hard not to love them. It makes them kind of like puppies.
    I'm only kind of joking.

    Alex: Got it.

    Michael: I saw that you found it.

    Crystal: Good!

  5. Thanks for the details. Creating realistic characters is vital. :)