Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Two Quick Announcements

Announcement #1

My sons' blog continues to chug along. The second post of Aim for the Cat! is up, and you should all hop over and read it. That is, you should if you can weave your way through the non sequitur  ramblings of a middle schooler. It made me laugh. Go check it out!

Announcement #2

The first Indie Writers Monthly anthology is now out! It's all about time travel! And just to let you know, I've worked out the secret of it... but, well, there are issues that make it unusable. I mean, if you want to live through it, that is. Read all about that in my story, "The TIME Machine." Then there is the first place winner of the story contest, "I Will Be a Jerk," which is quite deserving of the honor. Plus another dozen or so other time travel stories, including one by my wife! Seriously, just go pick up your copy RIGHT NOW. Look, here's the link! There's no TIME to lose!


  1. I'm going to pick it up pretty soon. I think my story had a formatting error that had to be corrected, so I'm waiting on confirmation that it was corrected before I take the plunge. There were several stories I didn't get to read so I'm looking forward to checking it out.

  2. Replies
    1. I don't know. You might like that version better than the one I intended. I wrote a pretty long piece (7500 words or so) and decided that scene breaks would be indicated by a blank line. Those were accidentally removed at the end and so it could be a bit disconcerting when reading.


  3. It doesn't say, is my entry in this?

  4. Writing about time can be tricky. I wrote a piece called 'Time Piece' in the One More Day anthology. I bruised every brain cell I had and some.

    The book sounds great. I bet they had fun doing it too :-)

    Have a giveaway on my blog with week, you may wan to check it out

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  5. Rusty: I haven't had a chance to check, yet, but I will by tomorrow.

    Jo: Yes, this has your very excellent story in it.

    TAS: Thanks!

    emaginette: I'm not actually a big fan of time travel stuff, but I had a good idea for this one.

    I'll check out your giveaway.