Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lies Writers Tell... To Other Writers (Part One) (an IWM post)

Being a writer's a tough gig. Okay, no, wait: Being a published writer is a tough gig. It's the difference between sitting around in your house and playing guitar merely for your own pleasure – or, maybe, the pleasure of a few friends – and playing on stage in front of an audience. An audience which may or may not have actual people in it and an audience which may or may not even be listening. So you go up on stage and play your heart out and no one responds and you don't really have any idea of how good you were. It's a tough gig.

Because it's so tough, we've come up with little lies to tell ourselves to make the seeming rejection less hurtful, and these lies would be okay if we only told them to ourselves...

And that's your teaser. You'll have to hop right over to Indie Writers Monthly to find out what we do with these lies and what they have to do with math. Copernicus and Galileo put in guest appearances as well. So click the link for the post.

Don't forget that we are also accepting your submissions of Time Travel stories for our first ever annual!
Click this link for all of the details about that!


  1. Blogging can be like that at times, too.

  2. I will go check it out.

  3. Interesting. The annual looks interesting too.

  4. TAS: That's true, but it's just an extension of writing. Or a subset of writing.

    Gina: Good. Leave a comment!

    Maurice: I think that it will be.