Sunday, January 6, 2013

She's Starting To Damage My Calm, Part 12, and the World's Best Chocolate

My daughter spent most of Christmas break sick. There's nothing worse than being stuck in the house with my daughter while she's sick. The only thing worse is being stuck in the house with her while she's sick when school is actually going on. Most kids don't mind being sick if it means they get to miss school, but my daughter isn't one of those. It's like solitary confinement for her except not, because I'm in there with her.

She did manage to wait until after Christmas day to be sick, so that was something. But, then, she was sick almost until New Year's, recovering just in time to go to a New Year's Eve sleepover, but got sick again the next day and spent the rest of her vacation running a fever around 103-104. It hasn't been fun.

I'd say, "She's starting to damage my calm," but we passed that point a long time ago.

Actually, she did a lot of sleeping, so that part was okay. It didn't get really bad until this past weekend when she started feeling better enough to start complaining about not getting to do things like go outside to play. That's when my calm gets damaged, when I have to listen to "I'm bored" every half hour or so while I try to think of ways to keep her entertained.

I'm so glad school is back on tomorrow and that her fever broke Sunday morning so that she can go back!

I need to regain my calm and get my writing back on!

It's at times like these that I envy those people that need chaos going on around them in order to be able to write. I'm not actually sure why I'm not like that. I went all the way through school doing all of my school work to the TV or the radio (after I gave up TV when I was 15) and often with people around me, including any type of writing I needed to do, but I can't write that way now. >sigh< I pretty much  need silence when I'm writing, so not a lot of that happened during Christmas vacation.

But that's what tomorrow's for (which will be today for most of you as you read this or, maybe, yesterday (aren't the time conundrums of blogs fun!))!

All of that aside, today is the release of Part Twelve of Shadow Spinner!
Part Twelve: The Gash in the Floor will be FREE! Monday, January 7 and Tuesday, January 8. As my computer would say, it will be FREE! "all day long." (Seriously, my computer has started telling me things like
Today is Christmas
All day long
because it  knows these things while, evidently, I don't.)
Also, because I like to do things like this, there will be some other Spinner parts available for FREE! on Monday (all day long):

That's a lot of FREE! stuff, so tell all of your friends!

One last note:
We've discovered the best chocolate in the entire world. I'm totally serious. We tried it a few months ago during the Sonoma County Harvest Fair, where it won more rewards than I can remember, but I got a sampler box for my wife for Christmas, and we're absolutely certain at this point. I'm only telling you because I'm considering giving some away as a prize (not because I want you to melt with envy)... as soon as I can think of some kind of contest.
If you'd like to check out their website, you can find them at Recherche du Plaisir. Yeah, you know it's good, because you can't pronounce it.


  1. Nice Firefly reference.

    I'm one of those people who need some kind of noise when I attempt to work. TV, music, something. My significant other doesn't get it. He can't work that way but I can't work without it.

    Off to get my copy of Part Twelve...

  2. My mom was so patient with us when we were kids. We were like broken records with that phrase "I'm bored."
    And ooo, thanks for the heads up on that chocolate shop! Next time I'm in the area I'll have to check it out. There's actually one in Sebastopol too that knocked my socks off, it's in a tea shop.

  3. Five minutes with a healthy kid damages my calm.
    I can handle non-human confusion when writing. Usually music is playing and the TV is on, but people coming and going would be too much.

  4. Poor sick, girl!! Isn't that how it always happens, they get sick when they have off from school, ugh!

    I blog with the television on and write posts or stories with either the news on in the background or total silence depending on my mood. I'm such a girl!

  5. I remember when I was a little kid. I parroted those two words endlessly: "I'm bored." Now that I'm an adult I can't remember the last time I had a moment to spare to be 'bored.' I kinda prefer it that way. However, I can't write in chaos. It bugs the hell out of me. I need peace and quiet. Probably why I haven't yet had kids. :)

  6. Sickness started going around my family shortly after XMas too. It made me glad I was 100 miles away by then.

  7. I work with music on, but I can't work with other people in the room. They drive me bonkers!

    That was a high fever and it hung on for a while. I'm glad for both of you that she's better.

    Going to go grab the book!

  8. Sickness damages the calm of everyone. I recall being bored when I was a kid. Those were good times.

    Hard to believe that the only time I ever get bored anymore is when I try to watch a movie. I thought those were supposed to alleviate boredom.

  9. Rusty: you have to watch a movie while you read Twitter and listen to music. Our brains have evolved to where we have to feed them multiple sensory inputs.

    Except for Andrew's.

    Anyway: Andrew: I sympathize. Sick kid > kid who won't sleep. And when that sick kid interferes with work, it's even worse.

    I'm not GREAT with the chaos. I can do it, but after a certain point, I need to stop trying to write. That's why I get up early to do it.

    Then again, it's hard to complain when my writing gets interrupted so that Mr F can play "tickle" with me and we end up seeing how big of a bear hug he can withstand. (Answer: Pretty big.)

    I've downloaded the newest Shadows. They're on the list to get reading but I'm pretty heavy into PTs superhero epic.

  10. I, too, need calm to work. However, my definition of calm means that nothing is out of place (like a sick kid, or a change in schedule, etc.) But normal kid chaos has become routine, and I can ignore it while writing. In fact, I've gotten so good at it, my kids have to yell at me for a while before I start to pay attention. Having a sick kid is tough, though. I'm glad your daughter is feeling better.

  11. I'm with you. I practically need an isolation tank to write in, which makes the neighbor's barking dog my writing nemesis. Drives me nuts. I've been known to put on headphones and listen to nothing while I write. :)

  12. M.J.: I thought you'd appreciate that. But I can't believe you didn't mention the chocolate.

    Winopants: No problem! It's seriously the best chocolate I've ever had. I'll have to check into the one in Sebastopol. We've only ever been to the ice cream place there, and we haven't been there in years.

    Alex: Music is bad for me if it has lyrics. It makes me want to sing along and that makes my brain stop working.

    Elsie: I can do blog posts with some chaos around, but I can't do my fiction writing that way.

    ABftS: See, I didn't really have that boredom problem when I was a kid. And I never have it, now. Always too much to do.

    PT: Yeah, run away before it gets you!

    Anne: Now, see, I love to have music while I'm painting. Now, if only I was doing some painting.

    Rusty: I'd probably get bored with movies if I watched more of them.

    Briane: Wait, are you saying I'm unevolved? You're not gonna make me have a brain wrinkle contest with you, are you?

    Rebecca: Well, I can actually work when it's just the boys around, but my daughter makes any kind of focusing... difficult. To say the least.
    Thanks! I am, too!

    Luanne: For me, it's The Orange (the evil neighborhood cat). He gets outside my house and bullies my cat while making this horrible noise. It's how I know to go chase him off.