Tuesday, June 26, 2018

eBay and what I'm selling this week (6/25)

Refer back to this post for the background.

Here's what I have going this week:
Yes, that's the first appearance of Deadpool. I know you want it. You can find it here.

Are you guilty? Find it here.

Or do you have fear?

Or have you gone COSMIC?

All that plus GI Joe comics, more of all those comics above, plus Mage Knight, and Lord of the Rings figures!
Go get some stuff!


  1. Sadly I have my own stash of old comics from the 70's I need to ditch.

  2. Wow, the first appearance of Deadpool. Although that is some awkward looking art. Is that Rob Liefeld? It looks like his work. Deadpool's like, two thirds leg.

    1. Jeanne: Yes, that is indeed Liefeld.
      I'm surprised you knew that.
      I mean, I'd be surprised if anyone knew that, I suppose, since Liefeld hasn't been around for a couple of decades in any real way.

  3. Alas, my knowledge of Ghost Rider is from Agents of SHIELD on TV. But I know there's a community that will love these.