Friday, June 1, 2018

Cleaning My Garage and What I'm Selling

I may have mentioned at some point that I'm working on cleaning out my garage. That's not a process that's as easy as it sounds as my garage is full of comics, action figures, gaming supplies (including a multitude of Magic cards), and other collectibles. It's not like I can just throw everything away. Okay, well, I could, but that would be rather foolish. At any rate, for the last six months or so, I've been selling stuff off on ebay. It's a slow process.

Mostly, I'm fine with that.


I realized that I don't really know who all comes across my blog and that it's a wasted opportunity not to promote here what I'm selling at any given moment.


This is not an all inclusive list (by far) of what I have on ebay at the moment, but it's a good example. If you're interested, you can click through and look through the complete current auction list. Also, feel free to inquire if you have specific things you're looking for, especially comics or Magic cards (which is not to say that I will have specific things immediately on hand, but it will at least let me know what to be looking for as move through my stuff (maybe I'll post some pics of the disaster area that is my garage at some point)).

Since Darth Maul is back, let's start there! The picture is above.
Darth Maul action figure

Spectacular Spider-Man #1 is not currently on auction, but I do have it for sale. You can follow this link to issue #64, the first appearance of Cloak & Dagger! Their new series airs this month, I believe.

Like Lord of the Rings?
Well, I have a nice selection of figures available, right now.
Pop over to this link of the Aragorn figure and check them out. Remember, you can check out all of the auctions I have up through the link on ebay.

There's a bunch of Mage Knight and other things available, too!
These auctions are mostly scheduled to end tomorrow, so get your bids in now!
Or contact me directly.

Also, my books are always for sale! Hop over to my Amazon page and pick up something today!


  1. Selling on Ebay is better than a garage sale. You wouldn't get anything for those items there anyway.

  2. Have you tried promoting on Pinterest? That might be another venue that could work.

  3. Wow, you have a lot of stuff. I'm sure you'll find lots of nerds who want to buy them.

  4. You've got some great stuff. Good luck!