Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Clone Wars -- "Witches of the Mist" (Ep. 3.14)

-- The path to evil may bring great power, but not loyalty.

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The Jedi Council discover that it is a kin of Darth Maul's who has murdered two Jedi at one of their outposts. Not just the two Jedi, either, but wiped out the whole outpost. Considering his connection to Maul, they send Kenobi to investigate. He takes Anakin with him, which, actually, was probably a really good idea.

One of the things that has begun to bother me a little is how quickly characters gain mastery over the force these days. It's not that I don't understand the expediency of it; I mean, they want these characters to be able to pose a threat to the heroes, but it still bothers me. It hasn't really happened in Clone Wars before this, but Savage attains his power and some (enough) control very quickly. Basically, we get a brief training scene where he learns to harness his hatred, and he's a match for Anakin and Obi-Wan at the same time.
[A similar kind of thing happened in the most recent episode of Rebels I watched. And it's one of the things I have an issue with in The Force Awakens.]

But aside from that -- it is actually a small thing in this show because I don't remember it happening any other time -- this is an episode that probably shouldn't be missed. This whole arc shouldn't be missed.

And, well, I'd like to say more than that, but you should really just watch it.

"So much for not starting something."

"This place is all kinds of fun."


  1. !!!SPOILER ALERT!!!

    We've gotta talk about the return of Darth Maul. I'm not down with it at all. One reason I prefer Star Wars to DC's and Marvel's superhero universes is the meaningful passage of time. Characters age. They die. Each generation has its own story. The idea of a character returning from the dead does not sit well with me at all. It's unnecessary. The Savage story is plenty good without it.

    !!!END OF SPOILER!!!

    Your point about learning the Force quickly is well taken. In the Force Awakens, thought, I don't see Rey as having mastered anything. In fact, she seems to be just getting acquainted with the idea of having powers at all. What she does have is more a sign of the potency of the Force within her rather than any refined skill.

    1. TAS: Yeah, I'm not really behind Maul returning, either, and I did more than roll my eyes the first time I watched the series. I suppose I've had time to deal with it, though, and I'm no longer upset about it. It ends up being more interesting than I thought it would. And I think there may have been more planned for that story, but, then, Disney happened.

      I'm ambivalent about the whole thing with Rey. They do provide enough background for Rey being able to use weapons because of her expertise with the staff, but a sword is significantly different. It's one of those things where people tend to believe, because so few people fence anymore, that anyone can pick up a sword and win a fight with enough enthusiasm. These people have never seen a swordmaster at work.