Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Angels Unbound: Vehuel (a to z) and Clone Wars -- "Sphere of Influence" (Ep. 3.4)

Not all Angels are satisfied with their place in the order of Creation. Thus was the case with Vehuel, created as only a minor Guardian. He was never quite satisfied with that. After the fall of the Grigori, he took to hanging out with them on Earth, but as a woman, so as not to risk ending up being banished with them. He's on the fringes of Angel "society."

Clone Wars
-- A child stolen is a hope lost.

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I think this episode is really about politics. Of course, it doesn't look like that on the surface. It looks like an episode dealing with a kidnapping. But, really, at least to me, the episode is about how the Trade Federation can continue to do bad stuff and retain their status. "Bad stuff" includes dealing with the Separatists, which they do right alongside dealing with the Republic by claiming neutrality. In a world where economic sanctions and bans are a part of the way politics works, I sometimes find this puzzling. Then I remember Saudi Arabia and how we buy oil from them.


Baron Papanoida's daughters are kidnapped in an effort to coerce him to bring Pantora into the Separatist movement. Rather than comply, Papanoida, along with Ahsoka, takes matters into his own hands.

I'm more interested in the politics involved than the rescue attempts.

Fun fact: Baron Papanoida was first seen in Revenge of the Sith played by George Lucas himself.

"I still can't believe they let you teach."


  1. I didn't know about the Lucas appearance in Sith. That's cool.

    1. TAS: I don't remember if any of his scenes made it into the movie. He might be in the background at some point. There is stuff with him in the deleted scenes, though.