Monday, April 11, 2016

Angels Unbound: Israfil (an a-to-z post)

If you thought being covered in eyes was weird (see Dumah), try being covered in mouths. And that's not the weird part, he's also covered in body hair, as in hirsute. I suppose it's a good thing Angels don't need to eat, because he'd always have hair in his food.

At one time, Israfil used his mouths to sing praises to the Father in all the languages of the world. At once. But, now, he only wails and weeps at the suffering in the Pit, both for the Demons and the humans who have earned their places there. His wailing is continuous.

He is the Angel who stands in readiness to blow the trumpet for the Day of Resurrection, the trumpet always poised and ready.

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  1. Hope he has his trumpet ready because that day's probably not far off...

    1. Alex: Not any farther off than it was 1000 years ago when they thought the same thing.

  2. I like an angel who can feel for the suffering of others. There needs to be more like that.

  3. Man that whole 'covered in mouths' thing weirds me out. There's a lot they didn't teach us in Catholic school in the third grade (which was the farthest I went before transferring to a public school.)