Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Angels Unbound: Kerubiel (an a-to-z post)

Kerubiel is "the Flames which Dance Around the Throne of God." He is the leader of the Cherubim, though he is not one himself, or, at least, he does not share their characteristics. Rather than the four faces of the cherubim, he has a body made of burning coals covered in 1000 eyes (see, what have I said about the eyes?). His head is a roaring flame which spews forth fire when he speaks. He is armed with the bow Shekinah, the physical manifestation of the female aspect of God.

Special bonus Angel, today (you can thank Alex):
Tamiel, the name Kasdaye carried when he was called forth from the Void, was the "Perfection of God." Lucifer didn't like him, though Tamiel was always gracious to Lucifer, graciousness being an aspect of Father. Later, he formed a group known as The Hand, along with Gadreel and Asbeel among others, and took on the name Kasdaye, "the Hidden Power," in an effort to keep his involvement hidden. Once he was discovered and his perfection compromised, he lost the name Tamiel.

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  1. Ooohhh I think I would be scared of Kerubiel.

  2. A thousand burning eyes...
    Now, how did I help with the bonus angel?

    1. Alex: It's because of the previous post where I mentioned Kasdaye, and you assumed he was a girl.

  3. I think the way angels are described in the bible is way cooler than just people with wings. And poor Kasdaye, losing his perfection...

    1. Jeanne: Most of this stuff isn't from the Bible and, when I say "most," I mean almost none. However, the descriptions of Angels in the Bible are never pretty, either. There's a reason they always lead with "Don't be afraid."