Monday, April 25, 2016

Angels Unbound: Uri'el (an a-to-z post)

Yes, this is the same Uri'el who appears in Shadow Spinner (see Chapter 34: Uri'el) and who guards the entrance to the Garden with a flaming sword. Some say the sword is a manifestation of Uri'el, while some hold that the sword is a separate entity. One thing is certain, the sword can guard the entrance without the presence of Uri'el, and Uri'el can always keep watch over the entrance, no matter where he is, because of his thousand eyes.

He is known to be as pitiless as the most heartless of Demons, even Lucifer himself, even though he is an Angel of Repentance. He watches over "thunder and terror."

Perhaps because of his farseeing gaze and despite his pitiless nature, Uri'el was one of The Three who pleaded the case for humanity when God sent the flood to destroy the Nephilim. It was Uri'el who warned Noah and instructed him on the building of the ark.

It was also Uri'el who rescued John the Baptist from the Massacre of the Innocents. He returned the body of Adam (and his son Abel) to the Garden for burial after their deaths. Uri'el, in his aspect of Angel of Repentance, was the one who checked the door posts for the blood of a lamb in Egypt when Azrael (the Archangel of Death) came to take the first borns. Uri'el told him whom to spare.

He has killed many who have tried to enter the Garden, but it is whispered that he has also killed those who have not. The flaming sword was noticeably absent during the mysterious assassination of Sennacherib, king of Assyria.

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  1. Uri'el sounds quite complicated. I can't imagine the optometrist bill for a thousand eyes!

  2. Angels don't need to feel pity - they just need to do their jobs.

  3. That many eyes freaks me out. But he seems interesting.

  4. That many eyes freaks me out. But he seems interesting.

  5. He better hope he never needs glasses, because that's going to be expensive.

  6. Visiting your blog for the first time on the letter U day. Haven’t time in these closing days of the #Challenge to go back and read all your posts, but happy to find a fellow writer. While you have been busy, I have been writing about hotels and inns, their architecture and architects, the settings and significance to a community. If you have time or interest, I hope you will come visit. Cheers.