Monday, August 4, 2014

An Exploration in Fantasy -- Part Three: Who's Gonna Learn Ya? (an IWM post)

There's no teaser, today, for part three of my exploration into the origins of the modern fantasy arc. If you want to read it, you'll just have to go right over to Indie Writers Monthly and do that. And you totally should.
Today, we really get into what's Tolkien and what's not.

Go, now, and read THE POST!


  1. Good stuff. I'm going to think about possible predecessors to Tolkien's Fellowship. I feel like there are comparable ideas in other story genres. Seven Samurai comes to mind, though only a couple of the samurai have specialized skills: Katayama the archer and Kyuzo the expert swordsman. I was wondering about The Guns of Navarone, though that book was actually published after Lord of the Rings. I wonder if there are other military campaign stories that would compare. Hmm...

  2. Awesome post, Andrew. I left some thoughts over at Indie Writers Monthly.
    I'm currently obsessed with fantasy. My imagination as a child was provoked by unicorns in movies such as Legend and huge flying dogs like Falkor in The Neverending Story. Although these don't compare to the more modern epics we have today such as A Song of Ice and Fire and The Lord of the Rings, they will always be classics in my heart.
    I'm hoping to get my YA trilogy going within the next year.

  3. TAS: I don't know of any military books like that, but I don't read much of that genre. Which is to say that military books aren't fantasy, and there's a reason for people with specialized skills for missions.

    Gina: Finally! Someone else that acknowledges that Falkor is more dog than dragon!

    Morgan: Yea!