Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Clone Wars -- "Rookies" (Ep. 1.5)

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"Rookies" introduces us to several new recurring characters, one of which we've actually already met. Commander Cody, working with Obi-Wan, is introduced in Revenge of the Sith, but we get to meet him here from before he and Obi-Wan have formed a working relationship. There's also Captain Rex, who often appears alongside Cody in the Clone Wars series, and Echo, and Fives. Fives, named for his ID number, is one of my favorites of the side characters.

We're also introduced to the Commando droids. The Commando droids are somewhat of an upgrade from regular battle droids. Not only are they smarter, but they look cooler. Note that I only said that they're "smarter" than regular battle droids, not that they're smart. Actually, the Commando droids seem to be competent. At least competent enough to carry out complex orders and pull off infiltration missions.

As the title suggests, this episode deals with rookie troops, whom the veteran clones call "shinies," due to the shiny, new armor they have. It's an interesting look, even if done in just over 20 minutes, at the difference between raw recruits and veteran soldiers.

My favorite part of the episode is the opening during which the clone troops are listening/watching the radio/holo thing. It's a broadcast just for the troops and reminded me somewhat of Good Morning, Vietnam. As I've said before, it's these little details that seem just kind of tossed in that help flesh out the world and make it real.

"What the hell was that?"
"That was an eel. That's why we have the regulation not to go outside."


  1. The radio show was a very nice touch.

  2. Aw, I'm falling further behind and it's starting to feel like homework now.

  3. I actually remember this episode. For some reason I think I've seen it about 4 times. Which is weird because I've not seen anything else from season 1 more than once.

    But I do like it. So at least it's not one that I hate that I keep seeing

    1. Rusty: Like I used to only ever see the episode of TNG where Wesley has to save them all from video game addiction. I used to think that was the only episode that existed because it was always on. And I thought it was kind of... dumb.