Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's a Lego Christmas (with a dose of Doctor Who) -- Part One

We had paper snowflakes up on our window behind the Christmas tree this year (they were not up, yet, in the previous Christmas tree pictures, and I never took pictures of them), some of them shiny, and the cat liked them. A lot. He especially liked this gold, shiny one, so we moved it to give him something to do other than try to jump at the snowflakes near the tree and, potentially, fall into it. He did eventually rip this one up, but it lasted a surprisingly long time.


Everyone got Lego for Christmas this year. That hasn't ever happened before. Usually, it's just the boys, but, evidently, Legoitis is contagious, so everyone got (and built) Lego sets this year. It was actually a lot of fun.

My daughter discovered Lego Friends last year and is quite taken with them.
And this is her putting together her bakery set she got:

The best present award as judged by the reaction of the recipient was
He struggled with whether he should leave it sealed, but, in the end, he caved.
However, the best Christmas quote was about a present my wife received:
"I didn't know measuring spoons came in pretty!"

But the real best present, based on how much it's been used, was the card game Munchkin, which Santa brought for the whole family. We've played it almost everyday since. Awesome, hilarious game.
There have been too many hilarious moments in this game to mention, and this won't make the most sense if you don't know anything about the game, but one of the most hilarious was during our first or second game, before we knew what all the cards are, when my younger son threw a sex change card on me. That was a very "what the heck?" moment. It made me lose my

Oh, I mentioned Doctor Who.
Here's the second best present present reaction:
Yes, I said second best. Unfortunately, the picture of the first best didn't turn out. Here's that present:
And the kids in their Doctor Who clothes (although only two of these are new from Christmas):
There was also a Geek Ball, appropriate for our family:
It says things like:
Epic Fail
File Not Found
404 Error

That might explain why we also got these:
District 7 was the best. Well, that's what I thought, anyway. I'm not sure which one the kids liked.

There's more Lego stuff, but you'll have to wait till next time for that. I'll leave you with this, though, the Lego set my wife got:


  1. Those are some cool gifts. I wish I had measuring spoons like that. :-)

  2. Is that...a Mr. Potato Head dalek???

  3. I like how your family just enjoys each other. Anyone can enjoy tangible things but it's refreshing to see people love hanging out together.

  4. Now that is one geeky cool Christmas. And that is quite the expression on the face of your oldest!

  5. That's a good haul. I've played munchkin a few times. And loved it. Can't get anyone else in the fam to play. Have to wait until my wife's cousins comes to town for a game.

    And I have a 'Keep Calm, I'm The Doctor' poster in my office. Yay!

  6. Very, very cool presents. Which Lego did YOU get, though?

    And how do you play Munchkin?

    We had a bit of Lego here: my dad gave the boys two Star Wars lego sets, and we put together the A-Wing , which Mr Bunches went crazy over. he played with it for about five hours straight, and finally at 11 p.m. I had to take it away from him so he would go to sleep.

    He woke up at 2 a.m. and called for Sweetie, and when she went in there, he said "Does Dad still have the A-Wing?" She said it was safe and he could play with it in the morning and he went back to sleep.

    I like your wife's Lego set, too. It's neat that your whole family is into stuff like that, and plays games together.

  7. Those are some amazing gifts, and Munchkin is a blast. I love playing that with all of my friends and the youngest of us is in their 20s. Just as fun for adults as kids, especially the random sex changes.

    Also, Legoitis is a very real disease, and is highly contagious... not just to kids, but to adults as well.

  8. You should check out, if you love lego themed items, they have some great sellers offering some fun gifts. Christmas looked like fun, even the cat had it's day. Get it, move over dogs.

  9. Misha: They are pretty cool spoons.

    JeffO: Yes, yes, it is.

    JKIR,F!: We do like to do that when we can. It's really difficult when school is happening, though.

    Alex: You should have seen how he looked when he opened the DeLorean.

    Rusty: We have a lot of Who stuff, at this point. My daughter got a pair of Weeping Angel earrings that are really cool.

    Briane: My Lego sets will be coming up.
    That A-wing is pretty cool. But tell me, why does Ackbar have a beer mug?

    Munchkin is a card game based on the idea of D&D. You start out as a level 1 human and the first to get to level 10 wins. In a nutshell.

    ABftS: Yeah, when the idea of having "all the money" comes up, it's always in relation to Lego and what we could actually get at that point.

    Sheena: But that cat didn't get anything for Christmas; the dog did, so I'm not sure the cat really did have his day.

  10. OMG a Lego Christmas is AWESOME! The only Lego that's exclusively mine is the key chain of Anakin's yellow plane from the opening scene of the other than getting me a cool key chain, waste of a movie, #2 whatever it's called. The first three aren't Star Wars, really. The Engineer has a really cool Darth Vader Lego keychain, with a cloth cape. It's about 3" tall, so much bigger than your usual Lego figures. Hmmm, now I need to get myself a set of my own...can't wait to see what you got. Looks like a great Christmas and your kids are ADORABLE.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  11. Cats are very persistent when it comes to shinies.

    I wish I had seen those Hunger Games mixes. They would have been perfect for my mom.

  12. Tina: I have a Lego key chain, but it's of Master Splinter. My daughter has a Wonder Woman. I don't think anyone else has Lego key chains in our house.

    My kids are adorable. It's a good thing, too.

    Jeanne: Check
    You might still be able to get them.

  13. I've been eyeing the Munchkin game for a while. Glad to hear you've enjoyed it.

  14. TAS: I considered off and on for years. I should have picked it up long ago, but I'm glad I finally did.

  15. Oh my gosh! Back to the Future Legos!!!! My son was the only one to get Legos this Christmas, and he got a working train set. He has put it together several times.

    Those are pretty measuring spoons. Her comment was a good one.

  16. Lego galore at your shore, lol the cat sure looks like fun is being had

  17. You had me at LEGO, but add Doctor Who and I explode!
    Great pics, looked like they had a blast!

  18. Shannon: I think the DeLorean is that only one. At least for the moment. Now, they need to do a working train that is the time machine from BttF3.

    Pat: Unfortunately, the cat's idea of fun is often at odds with everyone else's.
    I really wanted to rhyme that, but I don't have the brain for it this morning.

    David: If only they had Doctor Who Lego.

  19. Awesome gifts! (And awesome kids too!)

    I can only vouch for giving Lego as a gift. My hubby & I love them, and I'll make sure our daughter will too. ;)

    This year I got my hubby this Lego Technic Crane for X-Mas. He disappeared between the pieces for almost two days, and emerged with a huge grin and sore fingers. :D

  20. Veronica: That's a pretty cool crane. I better not show it to my boys.

  21. DR.WHO LEGO!!!! What a brilliant idea. Make it so.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  22. Those are awesome gifts!! They'd go over well at my house too!

  23. Tina: I wish I could.

    Pk: They are very awesome.

  24. Next time we're at the game store, I'll have to give Munchkin a closer look.

  25. Your family gave each other the coolest gifts ever.

    Which means you are the coolest family ever.


    May I please duplicate your entire Christmas for my family next year? :)

  26. Hey, I have the very, exact, same, undifferent bird measuring spoons that come in pretty! (wait, they don't actually measure birds, though)
    We had a Duck Commander Christmas. Everyone got a duck call! We sounded great's a wonder the geese in the river here didn't bombard our house.
    I sounds like you had a great time together as a family! Gotta love Legos.

  27. TAS: There's a huge number of stand alone sets, so you can get it in almost any flavor you want. You should get Star Munchkin and tell what you think of it, because I don't think we're getting that one anytime soon.

    RG: Sure, go right ahead!

    Donna: Really? That's pretty cool. I'd never seen anything like them before.
    I think I'll stay away from calling birds. We have enough around here as it is.

  28. Very cool Christmas pics. I love the game 'munchkin'... Only played it once and it was the space version. That one looks cool. Those legos look awesome

  29. David: I'm sure we'll get the space version at some point. It adds sidekicks.

  30. Lego's are always a hit with my grand kids. I like that they even come in toddler sized blocks for the little'uns. My nephew participated in the Lego Club here this summer. They build a huge Lego model of our city and did a great job with the project.

  31. G_G: We've been to a couple of those events. We'd go to more, but the closest Lego store isn't really all that close.