Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You Know You've Made It When... (part 2)

Sometimes it's good to ask questions. My last post on Lego minifigures inspired a friend of mine to go into research mode and look for figures that I may have missed, and he came up with some. It made me feel a little inadequate, actually, because I didn't even think to check for most of these guys.

First, though, the fails. The Lego fails, that is. Here are some ones that at least one of us checked only to find out that a very obvious character has never been made into a minifigure.
1. Sallah:

Despite being in half of the Indiana Jones movies, Sallah was never made as a minifigure. John Rhys-Davies does appear as this minifig, though:

Rhys-Davies did do the voice for this one, so I guess he can get partial credit for it:
2. Jane Foster:
Despite having more than a dozen Avengers related Lego sets, Jane does not appear as a minifigure.
Natalie Portman does appear as this figure, though:
3. Galadriel:
Explain to me how, exactly, Galadriel
does not get made into a minifigure while
Irina Spalko gets a figure in three different sets (while Sallah has none!). If I was Cate Blanchett, I'd feel robbed.

Also, a retraction. As I was working up this post, I realized that I was in error about Chris Evans.
The Fantastic Four have not, yet, been made into physical minifigures, although I could have sworn they had some sort of Lego set out several years ago with their flying car. When the FF re-boots, soon, it will no longer be Evans as the Torch, so it still won't count for him. He got robbed, too!

But there are a few new editions to the list of actors made into two different minifigure characters!
1. Ryan Renolds
2. Ben Kingsley
(Again, really? Nizam from Prince of Persia gets a figure but Galadriel doesn't?)
3. Alfred Molina
Another Prince of Persia figure on the list? Seriously? And he gets one from Raiders of the Lost Ark, too!
Which brings me back to my question of how the heck does Sallah not have a figure? Satipo, here, dies in the opening sequence of Raiders, but Sallah doesn't get one? I smell a conspiracy! Or a rat! Or Denmark!
But that's not all! Because there's also
Which gives Molina three different characters in three separate movies which may just make him the greatest actor of all time! Except, then, there's
4. Warwick Davis. Davis has been four different characters in two different movie franchises, though two of the movies from one of the franchises were 15 years apart. Who's greater, Davis or Molina? I guess you will have to decide. Here are Davis' figures:
5. Gary Oldman! And, really, how could I forget him the first time? I feel so bad. I love Gary Oldman! And he was by far the best thing about the Nolan Batman movies.
And he's also
Well, there you have it. The best actors who have ever lived. Or something like that. If I ever get a movie made out of any of my books, I'm going to make sure I'm some side character, some vital side character, so that if they ever get Lego sets, I will get to be a minifigure, too! Now that's the DREAM, folks!


  1. Natalie Portman with midriff showing and boobs. That's a keeper.

  2. No Gary Oldman as Dracula though? Or Zorg from The Fifth Element?
    Sallah did get robbed.

  3. I don't think they have minifigures fat enough to be me.

  4. It's a better world, knowing there's a LEGO Greedo.

  5. ADSL: It is. It is not, however, the Padme figure I wanted to show, but I couldn't find a pic I could use of the other one.

    Alex: Well, no. Lego doesn't have those licenses.

    GP: The minifigures all tend to be the same size, so that could be a good thing.

    TAS: That's not actually Greedo. It's Wald from TPM. There is a Greedo figure out there, though.

  6. Mostly I don't know who these characters are anyway. I sure wouldn't be collecting them either.

  7. Great characters I am surprised they don't have Twilight figures though! :)

  8. Jo: Well, I wasn't really seeing you as a Lego person.

    G_G: They don't have the license for that.

  9. I NEED the Oldman as Gordon figure. I didn't know I needed it until I saw it, but now I need it.

    I should ask for it for Christmas.

    I'm as bad as a four-year old, but shiny things in front of me...


  10. Oh wow, those are awesome. I could by them all and remake all the movies and I'm starting to think that's kind of weird but whatever.

  11. Warrick Davis is my favorite for sure. I laughed so hard watching him in Life's Too Short that I'm a fan for life.

    I'm sure clips abound on the YouTubes.

    Gimili's beard is really impressive. I agree that Rhys-Davis should have gotten a figure for being in the Indy movies. A travesty.

  12. RG: If you really, really need it, you can find him in the following set: 76001 The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase

    It might be possible to order the pieces to make him directly from Lego, which would be much cheaper than the set.

    Jeanne: You should see some of the stop motion videos my kid makes on his DS with Lego.

    Rusty: I will have to look for that. Never heard of it. It's a short?

    I could not believe that Sallah doesn't have a figure.

  13. It was an HBO mockumentary series based on him. So funny.

  14. It's hilarious the range of some of these minifigs. Molina's been everywhere.

  15. Wow, I would have never even thought of half of those. Also, I love that Lego Natalie Portman has Lego boobs.

  16. I hope the Lego minifigures of your books include Santa Claus from "Christmas On The Corner." He was tough.

    I don't even recognize half of these people, but you're right: if that dead guy from Raiders is in there, Sallah should be.

    Lego is totally missing an opportunity here. Remember how M&Ms would let you personalize them? (I looked into; it's stupidly expensive). Lego should let you custom-order any minifigure.

    Once 3d printers are available, I bet you'll be able to do that.

  17. Rusty: Have you ever seen the R2-D2 thing, "Beneath the Dome"?

    Maurice: He has. It's kind of amazing.

    ABftS: Lego boobs... that sounds like a thing.

    Briane: Actually, I think you might be able to do custom minifigs. You can certainly order individual pieces, but I think they also have an online builder where you can design your own stuff and they send you all the pieces to your set.
    I think.

  18. LOL. It's a darn good thing my youngest wasn't reading this post. I can just see the "must have" Christmas list of mini figures now.

  19. Crystal: My kids already want all the Lego sets ever made, so they don't need to read it.