Thursday, November 7, 2013

Let Me Count The Ways...

...That I Miss You.
I've been bashing my head over this for weeks, trying to figure out who to include and how not to include anyone that I listed last year, but you know what? Screw that. I'm just going to list the people I list, no matter if they were on last year's list or not. I'm  not even going to go back and look. So...

The blogs I miss:

  1. It's the world, dear... -- Bess' blog was one of the first blogs I found and started following back when I first started blogging. That I am still blogging and she is not seems somehow... wrong. She had this great way of describing life in New York that both made me want to go there and be glad that I'm not there at the same time. And she knew how to put hipsters in their place.
  2. Concrete Pieces of Soul -- J, the author of the blog, is one of those bloggers that always had some interesting perspective or slightly off-normal way of looking at things. At least she did before the baby. Who knows how that is now, but I hope all is well with the new family and that she makes it back at some point. Her blog name is great, too.
  3. English Major versus the World -- Another great blog name and a theme after my own heart. Neal was someone that would really get into books and examine them. His blog was definitely not a cheerleader camp. He would take a book, break it up, look at the pieces, and tell you exactly what he found there, good or bad. Or both. I hope he's not gone for good, but it's been since June, so...

The blogs I would miss (so don't go anywhere):

  1. Elizabeth Twist -- Writer, Plague Enthusiast: Elizabeth has one of those quirky blogs which often teeters on the edge of horror. When she writes, she's always interesting, and she hasn't been writing enough, lately, so I hope she doesn't move up to the other section of this list, next year.
  2. Briane Pagel -- Okay, so, actually, Briane has so many blogs that I could fill up this whole list with them, so I'm just going to list him as a person. Usually, when I'm doing my blog reading thing, I scroll down the list to wherever I left off (the oldest post) and work my way up (to the newest post), but Briane is one of those people that I stop for and read his posts right then, and I really just don't do that. Because Briane is prone to long, rambling posts, I think he doesn't get enough attention, and that's just too bad, because Briane has a lot of good things to say and tells great stories (like about how he exploded (yes, exploded) a garage door). Also, he's a great supporter of other authors.
  3. The Blutonian Death Egg -- Actually, Rusty's blog is in danger of moving to the other list since his posting has become, well, sporadic, to say the least. It's too bad, because Rusty has a different way of looking at things that can make people go, "huh, I never thought of that," and I like that. He needs to do more of those posts about the things he thinks about, because those are the best!
  4. Life Is Good -- Tina just has a great way of communicating and often tells stories about her childhood (see this year's A-to-Z posts). Well, all kinds of things, actually. They're always interesting, and I would definitely miss her blog if it went away.
Special Mention:
The Museum of Joy -- This was a blog I have missed because I thought it was gone, which was because it was gone, except that it was actually only moved. But no one knew that. Jericha has a way of always looking at the world as if she's seeing it for the first time, and it's pretty neat to read her thoughts about that. So, if you used to follow her, you can do that again, and, if you've never visited her blog, you should.

Okay, that's it for me, folks. It's time to go check in on some other blogs that people miss or would miss. If you have a favorite(s) blogger, you should really let him/her know. It's the kind of thing that can really lift someone up and, maybe, keep him/her from disappearing. Spread the appreciation around!

Here's the list of participants so that you, too, can check out the blogs people (would) miss:


  1. I would miss Rusty too. See? I too have a blogger who's been M.I.A. since having a baby. Erin was a real barrel of laughs.

  2. I have a blogger who's been missing for a few months, but I'm hoping she'll come back. I went through a couple of dark years, where I only posted a couple of times a year, so I'm hoping that's what the issue is with my friend.

  3. Thanks Andrew for hosting - and sharing 'cos now I feel like a newbie :)

    Tina I know, but the others I must visit.

    Maybe D.L. and his Blitzers can breathe life into the "missing" list :)

  4. Rusty is on my list of blogs I miss! Sporadic is not good enough.
    Good choice with Tina. I listed her as well. You really should be on the co-host side of the A to Z Challenge - Tina is even more awesome there.

  5. This is such a great chance to show my appreciation for all the blogs I enjoy!
    I love the name English Major versus the World too. :)

  6. Tina would definitely be missed by us all. So would you I might say.

  7. I liked Bess's blog too. I think she's working at some publisher now so she should start one of those blogs about all the slush she has to read or whatever.

  8. Great list, Andrew! I see you've mentioned some of my favorites.

  9. Lovely list of blogs! I like your choices !!! jean

  10. Fantastic list, including a few I haven't visited in a while. Good thing we have fests like so we can be reacquainted. Thanks for hosting! :)

  11. What a great blog hop, Andrew. I have a favorite blogger, Jax, that also went MIA. I'm hopeful she'll return one day.

  12. Oh man, I love Jericha! I didn't know she had moved. Of course, I probably didn't know because I hardly blog any more.

    Reading this posts is making me a little sad, actually. Sigh.

  13. Dangit... second time today... I have a lump in my throat.

  14. A lot of people have gone missing off my blog roll. I always wonder what happened to them and if I'll hear from them again. Hopefully they're off writing awesome stories and just can't be arsed to blog anymore.

  15. Not familiar with some of those. Must check them out!

  16. What a great blogfest! --And interesting new places to check out. Wahoo! Okay time stopper, where did you go?

  17. Andrew, I'm tickled pink, blushing, happy, smiling like crazy and just so honored you wrote about me. Thank you. I'm not doing this blogfest this year, but you would most definitely make my list. I love your analogy posts the most, but a visit here is always a good time, and yours is one of the only blogs where I subscribe to comments because you tend to get a good discussion going.
    You made my week.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  18. ...and I forgot to hit subscribe...sigh...
    Tina @ Life is Good

  19. Andrew, your wish is my command.

    I've actually got a bunch of reviews part-way completed that I just haven't quite finished, and this was just the kick in the pants I needed to polish a few up and get them published.


  20. This is the third time today I've read of a blog that withered with neglect after the birth of a baby. They're demanding little creatures, aren't they?

  21. This is a good idea! Though I am here for quiet sometime I never thought of such an initiative of reminding our old friends absences.
    i just joined in but i am not sure i can post it a bit late!!!
    Thanks for this initiative.
    Keep inform
    Best Regards

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Hi,
    I have a small suggestion:
    This type of initiative we should not make it as an yearly affair, instead why can't we do it twice in a year or thrice in a year, so that we can encourage or bring back many who are disappeared or behind the curtain.
    Hope you give a small thought on this line. LOL
    Best Regards

  24. Sadly, I never knew the bloggers who aren't here any more. It's really hard when you have a blog buddy that suddenly drops off the face of the blogosphere!

  25. Your list is a new reading list for me. Hopefully Rusty won't jump lists. I will check out your favorites.

  26. Aw! Thank you! Great idea for a blogfest, but basically everyone in the Write-o-Sphere is on my list because I've been MIA lately. I will try to post soon! I have news! Promise!

  27. I want to read about an exploding garage door!

  28. Neal sounds like the kind of friend we all need, but don't often have. A great list.

  29. Looks like Neal's back - maybe your post helped give him the nudge he was looking for! Loved the spirit that was very much evident in Bess's blog. And I can see how J's adorable baby put the kibosh on her writing. Good choices. No wonder you miss 'em.

  30. Bess! I remember her. It's been so long since her name popped up on my blog roll. Le sigh. People move on.

  31. It's the world, dear was a great blog! I'm going to check out the Life is Good one and the Joy one.

  32. I actually read a few of Bess' posts, and I agree. I found Tina's blog through yours, too, and she's got a very unique and heartwarming way of writing.

    I hope we don't lose Rusty!

    As for me: thanks. It's always nice to hear someone say something nice.

    I'd say more, but it's been a really long day and I've got a trial next week. You put together a really great blog fest, though!

  33. When a blog that I like moves it helps if they leave a forwarding address.

    Can dreams predict the future?
    A Faraway View

  34. Sheena: I think babies hate blogs.

    RG: Well, drop by and tell her you miss her. It's always nice to know that people notice you're not there.

    Mark: But, wait, what made you feel like a newbie?

    Alex: Hmm... I hear you and, yet, I don't.
    But you're right, sporadic isn't good enough.

    Kirsten: I hope some people realize they're missed.

    Jo: Well, thank you, Jo.

    GP: She is doing something like that, yes. And broke her foot, too. Or something.

    M.J.: Well, that's good!

    Jean: Thanks!

    David: It is good. It can be too easy to fall off the radar.

    Elsie: Well, I hope so, too.

  35. Matt: Well, she didn't really advertise it well.

    Rusty: Do you need someone to give you a throat punch to help with that?

    L.G.: That's always the hope, but I think it's not usually the case. :(

    Pk: Go! Go!

    Crystal: Wait! You have a time stopper! I want one!

    Tina: LOL You make me laugh with the subscribing thing, but only because I do it, too. heh
    I'm glad you like my analogies :)

    neal: Yea!

    Susan: Yes! Like I said up above, they must hate blogs!

  36. Phil: Don't feel bad about being late; I'm running behind, today, myself. And we have talked about doing it twice a year, but there are time considerations. The hope is that people will be inspired to let their buddies know that they are missed all year long.

    Sherry: It is hard. Especially when you don't know what happened to them.

    Rhonda: Yes, do that! (And we all hope that about Rusty.)

    Elizabeth: Yea! News! I'm looking forward to it.

    MP: You should go read the saga!

    Maurice: Watching him with a book is like watching a bio class with frogs.

    Cathy: It looks like it did!

    Jeanne: Unfortunately, they do.

    Margo: It was great.

    Briane: I know how it is. I'm only just now getting to responding to comments at 10:30pm.

    Lee: Yeah, that does help.

  37. It's been a great year for making friends in the 'sphere. That second list would be pretty long for me at this point.

  38. TAS: I know what you mean. That's why I focused on the blogs that propel me to go out of order.

  39. Thanks for the laughs re. my hair swimming to the mainland!!

  40. I don't think I'm familiar with some of the above-mentioned bloggers.
    Tina has a great blog!!
    (I love the Barrett-Browning reference...)

  41. You just introduced me to some cool-sounding blogs~ thanks for that! Again, finding myself wishing that I allocated more time to the blogging community...darn children, always wanting to "eat" and "be mothered." ;)

  42. Mark: No problem :)

    Michelle: She does. One of my favorites, as you can see.

    Jessica: I know! And talking! At least some of them, anyway. talktalktalk

  43. Good choices, at least the ones I'm aware of. Will have to check out those I'm not familiar with.

    The Warrior Muse

  44. Shannon: All of my choices are good. :P