Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Moth and the Shadow

The new Tib story is posted. Look for new developments soon with the Tib stuff.

The new actual post is not posted. It should be ready tomorrow. A movie review and a bit of actor talk.

Off to teach Creative Writing, now!


  1. Oh you teach creative writing? Do you tell them about your comma pet peeve?

  2. So tomorrow is the post!! Cool ..

    We are organizing a prompt based writing contest with loads of gifts.
    Kindly drop in to enter the same at Another Author

  3. Hope class went well. I will be looking for the new developments.

  4. Alex: Which? The story or the almost post?

    Michael: Yeah, I do. Unfortunately, it's a volunteer gig (because we have to do participation hours at my kids' school). No, I haven't told them about that, because we're doing the writing not the grammar. I'm just focused on getting them writing, at the moment.

    Abhishek: Thanks for stopping by!

    Nancy: Well enough, well enough. I have some creative kids, which is good. Of course, I have some that have never read any books, so it's a bit harder for them.