Monday, May 11, 2020

Clone Wars -- "Shattered" (Ep. 7.11)

"You actually captured him."

Oh, yes, I failed to mention in the previous Clone Wars post that Ahsok did, indeed, capture Maul.

There's a direct tie-in with Revenge of the Sith this episode via a reproduced scene from the movie. Things are getting real. This is all happening during Obi-Wan's battle with Grievous and just prior to Windu confronting Palpatine. And, man, Mace is cold to Ahsoka. Makes me think he almost deserves what he's about to get.

This is a pretty hard episode to watch, all things considered. As we continue with our parallel Revenge story, we see the execution of Order 66 as it affects Ahsoka. And Rex.
Oh, yeah, and Maul.
It's an interesting alternate view. Not essential but really, really good and highly recommended.

"I wish I was good at something. Other than war."

"...Go cause some chaos. It's what you're good at."


  1. Hi dropping by from Squid's blog.

    That last episode was the absolute best, in my opinion. For me, it created a duly dark and sad atmosphere signifying great suffering.

    1. BB: That review is coming up tomorrow.
      Along with the season end-cap.

  2. ... Yeah, I guess I need to watch this one.