Monday, October 30, 2017

The Waiting (part 5)

This is a view of a small part of the fire from downtown Santa Rosa one week after it started.
That's miles away.

It was the waiting that was the killer. 

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It's at this point, I suppose I should say that if you want to help with the fire relief efforts that there are ways to do that. I would suggest Redwood Credit Union, but there are plenty of other trustworthy places to go through for donations.
Before doing that, I would actually suggest supporting the relief effort for Puerto Rico. In the long run (and the short, for that matter), they need it more. I mean when we have a #fakepresident who is actively undermining the relief effort, it's time for the people to step up and do the right thing. I'm not telling you not to help with the fire relief effort here but, if it's a choice for you, support the relief effort in Puerto Rico.
Also, just to be clear, I'm not suggesting that there is some kind of mandate that you send help to... well, anywhere, BUT, if you want to... That's all I'm saying.

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  1. Scary stuff.

    Glad you escaped the worst of it. Yes, waiting is the hardest part. And I am so sorry for those who weren't as fortunate as you were.