Friday, February 26, 2016

Rebels: "Spark of Rebellion" -- Part 2 (Ep. 1.1b)

"You're about as bright as a binary droid."

The real question in this two-part opening to Rebels is, "Is Ezra a good guy?" Ezra doesn't seem to think so. He looks out for himself. Period. At least, that's his perception of himself. It's all rather Han Solo. Of course, as with Han, Ezra finds out he can't so easily turn his back on those in need.

Which gets him into trouble.
And allows him the opportunity to find out whether he can depend upon the crew of the Ghost.

Oh, and, also, Kanan, the captain of Ghost, or at least the leader of the little rebel group that operates on the Ghost, is a Jedi.

But... Wait! What about Order 66?
Yeah, I hear you out there.

Order 66 didn't quite get all of the Jedi, just almost all. There's that whole thing about Darth Vader hunting down and killing the remnants of the Order. Kanan was one of the survivors. So the question is simple:
Did he get lucky or is he that good?
That, I suppose, is something we'll have to wait and find out.

And, yeah, I want to find out.
I'm still not happy about losing Clone Wars, but I'll take Rebels as a reasonable substitute.
I'll note again, though, that Rebels is a show that is unambiguously targeting a younger demographic. You can even see it in the animation style. I don't know. Maybe that it clearly targets kids as its viewing audience allows adults to feel more at ease watching it. It's clearly defined, and adults seem to need stricter definitions than kids. So it's okay to watch a "kid show" if you know that's what you're doing, but it makes you ill-at-ease to watch a show that skews to both markets. Or something.


  1. Whoops, I missed something ? I thought you still have the Tuesday Star War Clone Wars.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. parsnip: Yeah, Tuesdays are for Clone Wars. I'll be putting up reviews of Rebels on Fridays, which won't be every Friday, just Fridays when I have a review available.

  2. I'm lost in the plot but your point about adults (and kids) watching shows that are clearly defined is an interesting one. I'll have to think about that.

    1. Briane: You have to read the 1.1a review for the plot background but, mostly, I didn't want to put in any spoilers.

      Part of the problem is that too many adults automatically think that if it's animated then it's for kids. Like with superheroes. I was appalled at all of the parents bringing their young children to Deadpool.