Thursday, November 12, 2015

Morning Flowers (pictures I like)

A sunrise view from my bed.


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    1. JKIR,F!: It is nice to wake up to when that's the view. We don't always let that bush get so big.

  2. No blinds or window coverings? I guess you must have. That bright sun would be disconcerting to me if I were sleeping. Usually when I wake in the morning it's still dark or just getting light. When I look out our bedroom window (which I do quite a bit) I see the houses across the street and all up and down the street. I can also see our cluster mailbox so if I happen to catch the mailman there I know it's time to go collect the mail.

    Outside the back windows I see a main street and across that street I see the Habit Burger that sits at the end of a vast strip mall. No pretty flowers other than the landscaping the gardeners maintain.

    Ah, urban life at its best. Seems a bit oxymoronic. Or maybe it's moronic that I'm living here.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Lee: A room with a view is a good thing, but we don't always have that view. For instance, there are no flowers right now.

  3. How pretty! I'd love to wake up to that.