Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wunderkammer Pt. 1 (a local color post)

Every year here in Sonoma County, we have a big steampunk event. Yeah, I see the envy building in some of you already. For years, we have talked about going, but there has always been something that got in the way. But not this year. My wife and I ditched the kids (okay, not really; they were just doing something else) and went to our very first Wunderkammer.
The name is appropriate, although not indicative of steampunk in and of itself. It means "a place where a collection of curiosities and rarities is exhibited," and there were plenty of those. Some of them were walking around.
I think she's a clockwork angel. See?
The picture doesn't quite do her justice, but she gave off great "living doll" vibe in person.
Oh, and there was a freaking long snake skin.
And a car.
And a bike.
And a giant rocking horse.
There was also a magician.
And jugglers!
These guys were pretty awesome.
In fact, they were so awesome that you'll have to wait till the next post to see more pictures of them. It was a pretty cool event, all in all. I got for my wife one of these
which is pretty darn cool. I definitely want to make sure we go again next year.
For now, I will leave you with a picture of the band:


  1. That is a big snake skin.
    Kind of cool you have a steampunk con so close. Do you look out of place if you don't dress up? Because no way I would dress up.

  2. That is an event I would like to visit. It did make me wonder where the people keep all those odds and ends in their homes.

  3. Fun. So maybe Wunderkammer is the new Renaissance faire?

    We had a store open in Estes Park (nearby tourist town) that was full of steampunk and Renaissance stuff to buy, including costumes. I almost bought a dragon earpiece but refrained. Sigh.

  4. Alex: Only about 1/4 to 1/3 of the people were dressed up.

    Elsie: In their spare steampunk rooms, of course.

    L.G.: Maybe it could become that? Or, maybe, they'll merge.

  5. I love the steampunk as an aesthetic more than I do the literary genre. Some beautiful craftsmanship in a lot of the stuff there. Awesome.

  6. Wow, that looks like such a fantastic event! Your wife's a lucky lady~ the clock (a necklace, right?) you bought her is beautiful. What kind of foods do they serve at that sort of thing?

  7. Rusty: I don't read steampunk. It looks cool, but that's about as far as it extends. In novels, it's usually dumb-ish and ill-conceived. And, seriously, just overdone at the moment.

    Jess: Yeah, it's a necklace. It's pretty neat.
    We didn't actually look at the food as we didn't plan to eat there, so, um... I don't know. There was a lot of beer, I think.

  8. Those costumes are pretty cool. And that watch is beautiful. Your wife is lucky :)

  9. I would LOVE to go to something like that. I bet there's some steampunk con around here that I could get Sweetie to, if I promised her a gift, especially.

    Like Alex, I wouldn't dress up. Did YOU? I never realized you were a steampunk fan. Are you?

    (If you are, there's a couple of good short stories that are steampunk-esque: "The Steam Dancer (1896):

    and "Clockwork Chickadee,"

    I listened to them both as audio stories. They're pretty good, even if you don't like steampunk.

    China Mieville's book "Railsea" is steampunk, too, I think -- but I've not read it yet. I liked "Kraken," a LOT, but that's not steampunk. I'm getting distracted. Better go. Great pictures!

  10. Love the watch, did not like the snake skin, been too many stories about those kind of snakes lately although I guess dead snake is better.

    We have Oktoberfest coming up here.

  11. Jeanne: As long as she thinks she's lucky, we're all okay. :P

    ADSL: Sure! I'll try to remember to let you know when next year's even is scheduled.

    Briane: Oh, no, no dressing up for me, although I think my wife would like for me to want to do that kind of stuff.
    And, actually, I'm not really into steampunk. I thought it was cool in League (the comic), but that's about it.

    Jo: I haven't been to anything remotely Oktoberfestish since I was a teenager.

  12. That looks like a good time! Glad you enjoyed yourself. I love watching jugglers. The Engineer juggles and has tried to teach me. I'm hopeless.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  13. Tina: I spent a day learning to juggle when I was in high school. That was it, though, just the one day. I haven't done it again since.

  14. Looks like fun. That snake skin photo's amazing!

  15. TAS: I have another pic of it that does a better job of showing how long it is, but you can't really see the head in that one.

  16. I am really sensing a trend in the posts I'm reading, and it's right along with my own feelings recently. We're a couple of years into this adventure, and the initial adrenaline ran out a LONG time ago. Time to balance. Remember what you came here for. Focus on what you want. We have a long time to see results from what we're doing now. Don't give in to the pressure of the moment.

    I do believe I'm giving myself advice, as much as you. :)

  17. And I have no idea how I ended up commenting on THIS post, instead of your Indie Life post. NO. IDEA.

  18. J.R.: Yes, it does make more sense.

  19. Looks like a pretty unique event. And jugglers! I can relate to that.

    Tossing It Out