Sunday, August 25, 2013

Redneck Fun Part Two (a Fair post) and "Loss"

Before reading this, you should go back and read part one if you haven't already.

The first two rounds of the demolition derby were meant to work as elimination rounds, and they did, but it was rather haphazard. Like, there were twice as many cars involved in round two as in round one. One of the cars that was meant to compete in round one, after driving by during the segment when they announced the cars, broke down and never made it into the arena. So they worked on that car during round one and it made into round two. It made me wonder how many other cars didn't make it into round one because they just weren't ready to compete. They also said that it would be the winners of the first two rounds that would compete for the final prize money ($4000? I don't remember for sure), but, when we got to the third and final round, they let any cars compete that were able, which didn't seem exactly fair to me, but, then, it was my first one. Maybe, that's normal?

The favorite car from round two was Party Artie.
And he won, too, but he's the car I mentioned last time that, once he had won, he had to have his car towed off the field. I kind of feel like he was also the one that was supposed to be in round one and couldn't get his car started for it, but I'm not sure about that. At any rate, he was a fun car to watch. Fast and bouncy and the driver was very experienced. They even held the third round for him while he finished getting his car going again, but his car gave out on him pretty early in round three.
And this is probably the most smashed up car of the event:
He managed to survive round two and compete in the final round.
This car, however, didn't make it:
That other car there is car #1. Here are some better views:
My daughter was very impressed with car #1, and I have to admit that he had shown some impressive persistence in his driving. He was one of those cars that would just barrel on through and do some smashing. A real powerhouse of a car.

Another very impressive car was #63:
63 was really good at staying to the edges and building up speed, then dashing in and smashing a car and backing out again. As my wife said, he was "wily."
And don't forget
#42, the shark car, that lost a tire in round one and kept competing.

It got too dark for my camera to take pictures by the time the third round was starting so a brief down without pictures:

  • The cars that were going to compete came into the arena, which included the shark car. As soon as it came in, my wife said she was going to root for that car.
  • When car #1 came in, I asked my daughter if she was going for that car, but she was undecided. She remained undecided through a large part of round three, which sort of defeats the purpose of choosing whom you are rooting for beforehand, but, oh, well...
  • When #63 pulled in, I announced, "I'm for 63!"
  • My wife immediately announced that she was for #63. That caused a short argument over the validity of that after having already picked a car. Her only defense was, "I didn't know #63 was going to be in this round." I gave her the pick.
  • I took car #1 since my daughter was still being ambivalent.
  • The round started and 4 or 5 cars were knocked out almost immediately, including "Party Artie," whose car just died.
  • It came down to cars 1 and 63, hence the reason that my wife and I joined so willing into the cheering. My daughter remained ambivalent.
  • 63 hung to the outskirts, speeding around the track and looking for opportunities to strike. 1 tended to bash his way through the "dead" cars in the middle of the arena. 63 took the advantage early on and looked like he had it wrapped up.
  • But #1 was persistent and managed to get 63 hung up on another car and proceeded to bash him several times. Eventually 63 got away.
  • And car 1 got stuck on another car while moving through the center melee. It looked like it was the end.
  • But 63 moved in to strike 1; 1 managed to power into the other car and move it so that he avoided a direct hit. Instead of smashing 1, 63 just knocked him loose, and that gave 1 all the opportunity he needed.
  • He caught 63 in the same place where 63 had been stuck before and plowed into him several more times until 63 went dead.
It was all very exciting, and, yes, I do realize that, to a certain extent, you just had to be there.
Here are a few more cool pictures from the event:
Yes, that is one of the cars pushed up the embankment and another stuck in one. They had to stop the derby to get 777 down. Getting stuck in embankments became more common as the derby progressed.
Yes, those are teddy bears on the burning car.
Those cars are stuck together. That happened more than once.

If given the chance, I'm sure I'd go see another demolition derby. It really was much more fun than I thought it would be.

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  1. I'm going to brag on your writing here and say I liked the "after dark" description more than the pictures.

    If the opportunity ever comes my way, I'm going. That means I'm not going by myself. :)

  2. This is family entertainment. Holy Christ no wonder there's so much violence in America.

  3. Seriously. The derby looks like a ton of fun. I want to go watch one now. Guess I did inherit some sort of redneck blood. ;-)

  4. I would've gone with the shark car.

  5. Did the shark car get sucked up by a tornado?

  6. I'm digging the spectators up close and personal to all that action.

  7. I kind of think it would be fun to go out and smash up some cars. I, too, must have some redneck blood in me. I think it comes from my father's side. They've always been a little shady. :P

  8. Well, you already know how I feel about these events. Which means you also know that I would gladly go again. And blog about it. Or maybe even drive in one. Bring my love of cars and destruction into one glorious new hobby...

  9. Reminds me of robot wars, only with cars. What's better than destruction and mayhem? Maybe roller derby, but that's the only thing I can think of ;-)
    Tina @ Life is Good

  10. David: Well, even though it was at night, and it was dark, it was also crowded.

    Anne: I don't know; I wouldn't have called this very violent. Like bumper cars without the bumpers and with real cars. No one got hurt.

    Misha: It's one of those things that probably everyone should experience at least once.

    M.J.: The shark car was cool, but I wasn't confident in him after the whole wheel incident.

    Alex: Maybe? He did drop out pretty quickly, so, maybe, that's what happened to him?

    JKIR,F!: I know! Well, there is a gap between the arena and the stadium, but when that car was on fire, I just kept thinking, "What if it explodes?"

    L.G.: I'd only want to do it via remote control.

    ABftS: You're not allowed to drive in one; you might get a brain injury... oh, wait...

    Tina: Wait, I thought roller derbies were about mayhem and destruction; are you saying they're not?

  11. I've never been to a demolition derby. Glad to hear it was a pleasant surprise.

  12. Oh, there's definitely destruction and mayhem at roller derby - that's why I was comparing them, but saying I prefer roller derby to cars crashing, that's all. They appeal on the same level. Which I'm not sure what it says about me...but that's for another day.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  13. Demolition derby? I didn't even know those were still around. I had the feeling, as I read this, that demo derbys were a thing of the 1970s, like Evel Knievel and big console TVs, and that they didn't still actually exist.

    Your description was more fun to read than I think the actual event would have been, for me, but then, I have a short attention span for stuff like that.

    I kind of think that one guy cheated, though, to get into round 2 without going through round 1? Seems fishy to me.

  14. I guess that, despite my affinity with North Carolina, I am no redneck. You obviously enjoyed it very much though which was the whole point I guess.

  15. TAS: You should try one out if you ever get the chance.

    Tina: One of these days, we're going to have to go to a roller derby, too. There has been talk of it...

    Briane: I knew they were still around but only vaguely. I certainly never expected one out here.

    And that wasn't cheating. It was two different elimination rounds. The winners of rounds one and two went on to round three. Except, then, it turned out that you didn't have to actually win one of the earlier rounds, just have a functioning car.

    Jo: I suppose it's my southern roots.

  16. What a great time you guys had! It's good the family was able to enjoy this together.

  17. Your recap was very thorough.... did you just remember those details that way? I'd be like, "Um, that one car won, but the others didn't. Plus, they had hot dogs!"

    Or something along those lines.

  18. Maurice: It was good.

    Rusty: Hot dogs? They had hot dogs? Dude! I missed those!
    But, yeah, that's what I remember.