Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Rebels: "Steps Into Shadow -- Part Two" (Ep. 3.02)

-- "Get ready for another demotion."

More Hondo! And he speaks Ugnaught!

So... Last episode, Ezra was promoted and given his own mission to command. Let's just say that the promotion ends up being short lived. Let's just say there's some Dunning-Kruger effect going on here, as Ezra thinks he's got it all under control. You know, on his first command mission. Though I'm pretty sure it didn't go as badly as Ahsoka's first mission.

Also, I learned something in this episode!
Most everyone is familiar with the y-wing fighter as they appeared in the original Star Wars trilogy:
It's one of the reasons everyone preferred the x-wings, right? I mean, besides the fact that Luke flies an x-wing. Y-wings just look kind of junky.

But y-wings are also prominently featured in The Clone Wars and, in Clone Wars, they look like this:
I've always just assumed that the ones in the movies were a later model, like with the changes in the x-wing between the original trilogy and the current trilogy. Turns out there's a completely different explanation for the different look. Which I'm not going to tell you.

Anyway, while I was having my ah-ha! moment, my kid looks over at me and says incredulously, "You didn't know that?"
Yeah, well, I don't know everything about Star Wars. Even less so these days as I actively avoid material which may contain spoilers.
And/or horrible Star Wars fanboy trolls.

"When were you going to share that information?"
"Well, of course, I just did."

"They fight so hard to gain so little."


  1. Hondo speaks Ugnaught. Awesome! In the old Marvels, they talk like pirates.

    1. TAS: I don't remember much of the old Marvel comic series. My mom gave my collection away when I was eight or nine, and I never started collecting them again.

    2. I have the omnibus collections Dark Horse put out a few years ago. I think they're fun. Not canon, of course. Just fun.