Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What I Learned From Reading

It's tempting to say, "Well, of course, I learned everything from reading," but that wouldn't really be true. I didn't learn to walk by reading, and I didn't learn to play kickball by reading, and, really, I didn't learn most of the stuff I did as a kid from reading. But there are some significant things I did learn from reading.

For example, I learned to read by reading...
For the rest of this post, hop over to Indie Writers Monthly where I do not talk about all of the things I learned about dinosaurs from reading when I was a kid, most of which things were probably wrong anyway. Like that whole reptile thing. And maybe they all had feathers. But, of course, I learned this new stuff from reading. Anyway, go read what I have to say about learning from reading.

Also, don't forget, you can earn FREE! books. Click the link to find out how; you only have till Friday.


  1. Sneaky! I'll go check it out now :)

  2. I laughed out loud when I thought about trying to learn to play kickball just by reading = World's worst kickball player. :) Heading over to check your indie post...

  3. Dude! You've got me hopping from place to place. Ug. But I have to follow--it's like cheese being dangled in front of my face. =)

  4. Jean: Was I sneaky? Good for me!

    E.J.: Oh, I was the king of kickball when I was a kid. Make that the King of Kickball. All the way through high school, even. First person picked. Always.

    Crystal: Well, see, if you just follow IWM, you'd be going there anyway. :P
    I have some brie in the fridge.

  5. Headed over.

    By the way, I just started reading House on the Corner. It's fun to read about the area I lived in for so long. I can picture all of it as I read your descriptions.

  6. Elsie: Cool!
    Did you ever eat in that Diner there on the corner of Youree and Kings? I'm blanking on the name, at the moment.

  7. Will try to go there later. Time seems to be in short supply lately.

    I know I learned a lot through reading but certainly not kick ball, don't even know what that is.

  8. Jo: It's like baseball except with a ball you can kick.