Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Star Wars Christmas Special

No, not that Star Wars Christmas Special. Which is just the oddest thing in the world to have a cult following. I mean, have you seen the "Star Wars Holiday Special"? Of course, when I was a kid and I saw it, I loved it. But I was eight. And it was Star Wars. I sort of agree with Lucas, now, though, in that it's the worst thing that's ever been made. I can barely see clips from up without thinking, "What were you thinking? Seriously?" The point is that it's a lot of those same people that hate Jar Jar that also love the Star Wars Christmas thing, and I can only think, "What are you thinking? Seriously?" These are the people that call the Holiday Special the Holy Grail of Star Wars.

But that's people for you.

And we're not watching the "Star Wars Holiday Special" at my house this year. Mostly because I don't own it unlike those made for TV ewok movies which we do own and my kids used to watch constantly.
But I digress...

All of that to say that Star Wars is always a big part of Christmas at our house. For those of you that were around last year, you may remember that I got this:
And I made these (although I don't think I ever posted pictures of them):
(there were also regular peppermint bark ones, but Han shows up better in these)

I added a couple of molds this year and made these:

Then we had not one but two Lego Star Wars Advent calendars!
I'm voting for Snow2-D2 as the astromech's name, but my son hasn't approved it.

There are even Star Wars ornaments on the tree (which is nothing compared to what I have planned for next year!)
Next year, the Death Star will have to be at the top of the tree.
Naboo being attacked by a giant space dinosaur. Yes, we also have dinosaurs on our tree. And Spider-Man (not pictured).

So there's just a little flavor of Christmas at my house. It's kind of pepperminty, don't you think?
Oh! I also have it on good authority that Santa's bringing season 4 of Clone Wars, so I see a marathon coming starting the day after Christmas.

So... however it is you celebrate your holiday, I hope it is a grand and joyous one!
Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. The cookie molds are cool.
    Agree - the Holiday Special is one of the worst things ever made. Followed very closely by the Ewok special.
    Don't think we have any Star Wars ornaments, but we have a while bunch of Star Trek ones.
    Have a great Christmas, Andrew!

  2. Merry Christmas Andrew. No Star Wars ornaments here I'm afraid. Didn't know they were available but anyway, I have enough tree stuff to weigh it down to the ground.

  3. I laughed out loud when I saw the carbonite Han Solo chocolates... That's really eerie timing, what with your guest appearance on our blog. Check it out, and enjoy our own rendition of the carbonite Han Solo... now with 110% more blasphemy!

    Also, congrats on the win, and we'll send you an e-mail after Christmas to arrange sending you that signed manuscript!

  4. I watched the Star Wars Holiday Special for the first time a year ago today, thanks to a Facebook link. Thank you, Facebook link. Helpfully, this version included region-specific original commercials, which were about as amusing as the Star Wars Holiday Special.

    Also, you don't make Carbon Freeze Han into a chocolate bar. You make Carbon Freeze Han into something frozen. And you keep it in the refrigerator for your own personal amusement forever!!!

  5. Amazing. I may steal everything in this post for Christmas with the boyfriend next year. (I don't actually celebrate Christmas, I just like having a big sparkly tree in my house and an excuse to decorate things and eat more chocolate. The Hannukah Gerbil leaves us presents.) Happy holidays, Andrew!

  6. Bloody brilliant Andrew-I didn't know you had such talent in this area as well.

    Congratulations on your win at ABFTS. you make a great cartoon!

    Happy Holidays Andrew!

  7. Alex: I'm not so against the ewok ones. Like I said, my kids love them.
    Merry Christmas, Alex!

    Jo: Well, those aren't really ornaments; they're Lego planets that have been re-purposed.
    Merry Christmas!

    ABftS: That was awesome! Carbonite toast is going to become a "thing" in my house!

    Tony: Well, those things are supposedly for making ice "cubes," but it's more fun to use them for chocolate. Theoretically, I could hang a chocolate one in the house as a decoration.

    Jericha: Gerbil! That's amazing!
    Star Wars chocolate just tastes better.
    Happy holidays to you, too, Jericha!

    Anne: "You'll find I'm full of surprises." :P
    Thanks! And happy holidays, Anne!

  8. VERY unique Christmas traditions! Loved the molds! So festive!
    Have a merry Christmas!

  9. That was a pretty cool looking candy mold. I am trying to avoid looking at the candy though. :) Great post and hope your family had a Merry Christmas!

  10. I'm officially jealous of how your Christmas looks so fun. Way to go Andrew!

    Just kidding and happy holidays!

  11. G_G: We did! I hope you did, too!

    Michael: Wait... which part are you kidding about? About being jealous or about it looking fun? :P
    We should be starting season 4 of Clone Wars tonight!