Sunday, May 8, 2011

More tabby things...

I'm here to announce another new tab!

But, first, some changes to the old tab. I sort of left off a very important book. It's kind of embarrassing that I left it off, but there are reasons. Not that I'm going to try and explain them. That would tell you too much about how my convoluted brain works, and you probably wouldn't understand anyway. Or, maybe, you would, which would be worse. Much worse. So let's just leave it at that. The book has been added into the list, at any rate, so it's all good, now. Right?

Also, I added on some comedians. Not sure why I didn't think to add them in to begin with, but I didn't think about it until Abbot and Costello came up in casual conversation within my household, yesterday. They were important enough to influence my book, so they should be on the list. You can find the comedians down at the bottom of the list. Not that that's where they belong, but it's where they ended up.

As for the new tab, it's all about how crafty I am. It was supposed to be about painting, but I figured I'd throw in the rest, too. There are some pics of miniatures I've painted, and a couple of links to more pics of miniatures I've painted. Those will lead you to facebook, so, if you're on facebook, and you want to send me an invite, feel free to do so. Also, you may actually have to be logged into facebook for the links to work. I thought I had those things set to public, but it made me be logged in to access the links. I don't think you have to have me friended to see them, but I don't know for sure.

Now, if I could only figure out how to change the silly background for my blog! Not that I don't like the books, but it's sooo used! However, blogspot keeps telling me that the pics I'm trying to import to serve as a new background are too big, which I just don't get...
Well, at least, I managed to figure out the tabs! One thing at a time, right?


  1. Wow. I always wanted to paint models and miniatures but was always baffled by the process. I never had the patience to learn, or the money to buy, what was needed. I remember that I quit building models because they looked like cheap plastic when I was done, and my one attempt at painting was such a disaster I threw the model in the trash.

    If I ever find myself with an inordinate amount of free time, and money. I'll break down and learn.

    Anyway, your examples are really nice.

  2. You can change the size of your pics. I changed mine using Preview before loading it as my background :)

  3. Love the yoda-esque tab name!

  4. Rusty: Well, I've frequently had avenues at getting miniatures at less than retail, which has made it possible. I very rarely pay full retail for a figure unless I know I'm going to turn around and sell it. It was quite an expensive hobby. And it does require a lot of patience. That's what it requires most, in fact. Unless you're okay with crappy looking figures. Mostly, people quit when their first few figures look like crap, but, if you can sit and do it, it's quite relaxing. I used to frustrate my mother to no end, though, because I wouldn't come down to dinner because I was in the middle of painting something.

    Sam: oooh, you just make it more complicated! :P

    Jennifer: Ironically, this is one of the few pages that doesn't really mention Star Wars. Well, it doesn't mention it, but there a couple of pics of Star Wars minis.

  5. Wow! Your miniatures are awesome! And I love cross-stitching, too. Just got a new one, in fact. I only do small though. Otherwise, I just lose patience every time I make a mistake . . .

  6. Andy, learning the ins and outs of blogger can be frustrating. Just wait until you start messing with code. You may want to consider getting one of the templates that are out there for free. I did that with one of my blogs:

    The others are just basic templates tweaked. (I changed the one I just mentioned, because it was just like yours... hah) Anyhow, there are some nice templates and themes out there to be had and it might be worth your while to look for one.

    Glad the blogger problems are over for now. I did have to delete the tags on my most recent post, though, because it was corrupting something. Then everything went normal.

    Keep writing.

  7. Bess: I'm glad you like the miniatures. Did you look at the galleries on Fb, too, or just the ones on here?
    I do small cross-stitches for my kids. In fact, I have a mermaid for my daughter that I really need to finish. I do like the large ones, though.

    Stephen: I don't do code. Nope. At this point, I have no interest in investing the time to learn a whole new skill set.